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What and Where are the World's Oldest Businesses

Use joining techniques to discover the oldest businesses in the world.

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Project Description

An important part of business is planning for the future and ensuring that the business survives changing market conditions. Some businesses do this remarkably well and last for hundreds of years. In this project, you'll explore data from on the world's oldest businesses: when were they founded, and which industries do they belong to?

Like many business problems, the data we'll explore is contained in several different datasets. In order to understand the world's oldest businesses, we will first need to use joining techniques to merge our data. From there, we can use manipulation tools such as grouping and filtering to answer questions about these historic businesses.

Project Tasks

  1. 1
    The oldest businesses in the world
  2. 2
    The oldest businesses in North America
  3. 3
    The oldest business on each continent
  4. 4
    Unknown oldest businesses
  5. 5
    Adding new oldest business data
  6. 6
    The oldest industries
  7. 7
    Restaurant representation
  8. 8
    Categories and continents


Python Python


Data Manipulation
Izzy Weber HeadshotIzzy Weber

Data Coach at iO-Sphere

Izzy is a Data Coach at iO-Sphere. She discovered a love for data during her seven years as an accounting professor at the University of Washington. She holds a masters degree in Taxation and is a Certified Public Accountant. Her passion is making learning technical topics fun.
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  • Anzila L.
    3 days

    Very helpful

  • Rostyslav P.
    about 1 month

    Very interesting project, that also helps to check knowledge about work with dataFrames

  • Anya A.
    2 months

    Was challenging

  • Hugo O.
    3 months

    Very good exercise but the validation of the code is difficult if you create some extra boxes for testing your code.

  • Raheem A.
    3 months

    I am really happy that I was advised by our Data Scientist to become part of the Data Camp fraternity. I am currently working as a Senior CX Consultant ( and now training to become a Data Scientist. I am extremely happy with the way you guys approach the subject of training. Have already applied my new gained knowledge on data analytics for our existing clients

"Very helpful"

Anzila L.

"Very interesting project, that also helps to check knowledge about work with dataFrames"

Rostyslav P.

"Was challenging"

Anya A.

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