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Muhammad Osama  Jawaid

Muhammad Osama Jawaid


Data Analyst



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Data Manipulation in SQL


PostgreSQL Summary Stats and Window Functions


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My Certifications

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Data Analyst Associate

Data Analyst Associate

SQL Associate

SQL Associate

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DataCamp Data Analyst Associate

DataCamp SQL Associate

DataCamp SQL Fundamentals

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My Work Experience

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Bykea | Aug 2022 - Present

Data Analyst

• Pioneered a 70% reduction in manpower through an automated stored procedure for carpool operations, optimizing daily commutes, payments, and driver payouts. • Conducted a thorough analysis of the app's financial transactions, identifying untapped opportunities and successfully preventing app wallet leakages. Implemented innovative solutions that resulted in a remarkable 10% increase in overall revenue. • Collaborated seamlessly with cross-functional teams, extracting meaningful insights from data and providing valuable inputs for informed decision-making. • Engineered a meticulous refund procedure for drivers, strategically integrating data-driven insights to ensure transparency and precision in identifying eligible refund cases. • Create an incentive procedure to recognize and compensate employees for referring customers in the delivery services sector. Implemented a procedure incorporating thorough fraud checks to validate the authenticity of referrals and bookings. • Developed a commission procedure for the recovery team to verify the authenticity of the recoveries remove manual intervention and reduce manpower through an automated process. • Developed and managed a dynamic customer support dashboard, enabling real-time monitoring of agent performance and providing an all-encompassing view of customer service trends. • Created interactive, user-friendly dashboards and visualizations, adeptly conveying intricate data insights to stakeholders. • Employed powerful visualization tools to vividly illustrate findings, presenting compelling data-driven recommendations.
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Bykea | Jul 2019 - Jul 2022

Operation Analyst

•Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure effective communication of operational goals, updates, and strategies. •Assist in developing and executing crisis management plans, ensuring operational continuity during unexpected events. • Gain insights into customer needs and concerns, collaborating with customer support teams to enhance the overall rider experience. •Support marketing efforts by providing operational insights and data to refine campaigns, promotions, and user engagement strategies. • Generate reports and visualizations that provide actionable insights for decision-making. • Participate in brainstorming and ideation sessions for innovative process improvements. • Assist in the development of operational plans and strategies to meet business goals, considering factors such as demand, supply, and market trends. • Contribute to the creation of short-term and long-term operational roadmaps.

My Education

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Bachelor's degree, Computer SciencePreston University | 2018

About Me

Muhammad Osama  Jawaid

As a Data Analyst at Bykea, I leverage data-driven insights to inform critical decisions for Pakistan's leading mobility, fintech, and delivery platform. My specialization lies in automating operations to enhance efficiency and drive revenue growth.

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