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Tristan Young

Tristan Young

Data Analyst



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Analyze International Debt Statistics

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Data Analyst

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Experiment with the AI assistant

Experienced Sports Analyst, creating optimized results from statistical records.

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Data-Driven Decision Making in SQL


Functions for Manipulating Data in PostgreSQL


Intermediate SQL

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My Work Experience

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Dillard's Inc. | Sep 2022 - May 2023

Security Specialist

- Analyze surveillance data and generate reports highlighting trends, patterns, and potential security risks - Collaborate with law enforcement authorities by providing data, evidence, and assisting in investigations
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BunnyFuFuu | Apr 2019 - Feb 2020

Player Analytics Manager

- Responsible for timely and appropriate employee training and development. - Review game film and statistical analytics reports for all operations. - Generate spreadsheets and statistical data sheets related to team operations - Liaison with interdepartmental managers to ensure an expedient schedule across business operations - Maintain human resource policies, compensation packages and benefits.

Forever Young Physique | Jan 2016 - Present

Athletic Trainer

- Exercise and nutrition programming tailored to the goal of the individual - Analytics based approach to optimal training - Thorough examination of nutritional effects on athletic performance

Fnatic | Jun 2015 - May 2016

Data Analyst

- Extracted data patterns to translate findings into easy to understand, actionable outcomes. - Upheld security and confidentiality of documents and data in a highly competitive industry. - Tested gameplay analytical prediction based on historical data.

Winterfox | Jan 2015 - Jan 2016

Head Coach and COO

- Responsible for athletes' training and development. - Meet with the board of directors to assess company policies business plans - Review game film and statistical reports for all sports operations.

My Education

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Bachelor of Science - BS, Sports Conditioning, Nutrition, OrthopedicsAmerican Council on Exercise | 2019

About Me

Tristan Young

Confident and results-driven professional experienced in delivering actionable insights and growth across diverse industries, seeking remote work opportunities.

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