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Functions for Manipulating Data in PostgreSQL

Learn the most important PostgreSQL functions for manipulating, processing, and transforming data.

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Course Description

This course will provide you an understanding of how to use built-in PostgreSQL functions in your SQL queries to manipulate different types of data including strings, character, numeric and date/time. We'll travel back to a time where Blockbuster video stores were on every corner and if you wanted to watch a movie, you actually had to leave your house to rent a DVD! You'll also get an introduction into the robust full-text search capabilities which provides a powerful tool for indexing and matching keywords in a PostgreSQL document. And finally, you'll learn how to extend these features by using PostgreSQL extensions.

  1. 1

    Overview of Common Data Types


    Learn about the properties and characteristics of common data types including strings, numerics and arrays and how to retrieve information about your database.

  2. Working with DATE/TIME Functions and Operators

    Explore how to manipulate and query date and time objects including how to use the current timestamp in your queries, extract subfields from existing date and time fields and what to expect when you perform date and time arithmetic.

  3. Parsing and Manipulating Text

    Learn how to manipulate string and text data by transforming case, parsing and truncating text and extracting substrings from larger strings.

  4. Full-text Search and PostgresSQL Extensions

    An introduction into some more advanced capabilities of PostgreSQL like full-text search and extensions.

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