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Manuel Lee

Manuel Lee


Sondo301 | Washington DC


Problem-solving virtuoso, decoding complexity with a data-driven approach.

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My Work Experience

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bPartGaming | Mar 2023 - Present

Valorant Manager

During my tenure at bPartGaming, I played a crucial role in overseeing the educational content management for the esports coaching application, The Guide Insight, and YouTube. Tasked with enhancing player performance through data-driven insights, I facilitated the seamless integration of our esports coaching application with in-game performance data. This involved coordinating the collection of player data and aligning it with meticulously crafted metrics developed by our expert staff. As an integral part of the process, the application provided players with personalized scores across various performance metrics, guiding them towards improvement through targeted video content. My responsibilities extended to curating content on YouTube, where I thoughtfully analyzed viewer engagement metrics such as watch times to identify trends that informed the creation of compelling videos. This data-driven approach not only optimized content relevance but also contributed to increasing viewer retention, aligning with the company's objective of capturing and maintaining audience attention. In the realm of data analytics, my routine involved the systematic gathering, analysis, and organization of data to facilitate informed decision-making. This commitment to data-driven decision-making was fundamental in steering the company toward performance enhancements. Collaborating with our team, we utilized a pre-existing AI codebase available on GitHub to facilitate the development and integration of an AI transcription tool. This tool significantly streamlined the content creation process by automatically transcribing spoken words from creators, reducing production time, and enhancing overall efficiency. In summary, my role at bPartGaming not only encompassed content management and data analysis but also involved contributing to the implementation of innovative tools and strategies to optimize processes and contribute to the company's success.
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ID.me | Jan 2022 - Feb 2023

Fraud Analyst

During my tenure at ID.me, an identity verification company specializing in creating online IDs for users to access government benefits, I served as a Fraud Analyst. In this role, I leveraged sophisticated tools such as Palantir, Zendesk, and Support (an in-house tool) to meticulously gather and analyze user data, ensuring the integrity of the identity verification process and uncovering any potential fraudulent activities. My responsibilities included the use of these tools to investigate suspicious behavior by users. Through a comprehensive analysis, I built detailed reports on various data points, including IP addresses, government sites accessed by the user, devices linked to an account, identical account matches, prior alerts or flags, and previous communication with the user. This analytical approach aimed at thoroughly examining diverse data sets enabled me to effectively assess and determine if users were engaging in fraudulent acts. In the dynamic field of identity verification, my role required a systematic and thorough examination of data using cutting-edge tools, contributing to the company's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security and preventing fraudulent activities. In summary, my position as a Fraud Analyst at ID.me involved utilizing advanced tools and methodologies to analyze user data comprehensively, ensuring the reliability of online IDs and safeguarding government benefit processes from potential fraudulent activities.

Compres & Associates | May 2015 - Jan 2022

Book Keeper

As a dedicated Bookkeeper at Compres & Associates, I played a central role in maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial records through the meticulous entry and management of client account transactions sourced from bank and credit card statements. My primary responsibility involved using QuickBooks to ensure the seamless integration of financial data, contributing to the overall efficiency of the organization's financial operations. One of my key accomplishments was the categorization of over 100 transactions within a day, a task undertaken to guarantee that the data collected and entered into the system were methodically organized. This not only streamlined internal processes but also enhanced the accessibility and reliability of the financial information available to the head accountant. In addition to my bookkeeping responsibilities, I actively contributed to improving the efficiency of our accounting processes. I collaborated with the head accountant in implementing a new accounting tool called Drake. This initiative aimed to enhance our data organization capabilities, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient approach to handling client information. Through this implementation, we successfully optimized our ability to manage and analyze client data, ultimately contributing to the overall effectiveness of the accounting department. My role as a Bookkeeper and Accounting Tool Implementation Assistant at Compres & Associates involved not only the accurate entry and categorization of client transactions but also actively participating in initiatives to enhance our accounting tools and processes. I am proud to have contributed to the optimization of data management and financial record-keeping during my tenure at the organization.

My Education

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Pursuing Bachelors Degree in Data ScienceUniveristy Of Maryland Global Campus | 2026

About Me

Manuel Lee

I am eager to pursue a career in the field of Data, aiming to collaborate closely with colleagues to achieve common goals. Python stands out as my preferred programming language, and I aspire to integrate it seamlessly into my daily work routine.

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