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Analyzing NYC Public School Test Scores

Use data manipulation and summary statistics to analyze test scores across New York City's public schools!

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Project Description

<p>Every year, school test results play a role in deciding the fate of millions of students. In America, the SAT is a major part of the college admissions process.</p> <p>In this project, you will work with a dataset containing test performance from NYC&#39;s public schools.</p> <p>You will identify the schools with top math results, look at how performance varies by borough, and find the top ten performing schools across the city!</p>

Project Tasks

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    Examine New York City's public school SAT results!


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George Boorman

Analytics and Data Science Curriculum Manager, DataCamp

George is an Analytics and Data Science Curriculum Manager at DataCamp. He holds a PGDip in Exercise for Health and BSc (Hons) in Sports Science and has experience in project management across public health, applied research, and not-for-profit sectors. George is passionate about sports, tech for good, and all things data science.
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