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Exploring NYC Public School Test Result Scores

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Use data manipulation and summary statistics to analyze test scores across New York City's public schools!

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Project Description

Every year, school test results impact the college admissions fate of millions of students.

In this project, you will use standardized test performance data from NYC's public schools to identify the schools with top math results, look at how performance varies by borough, and find the city's top ten performing schools!

Project Tasks

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    Examine New York City's public school SAT results!


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Exploratory Data Analysis
George Boorman HeadshotGeorge Boorman

Curriculum Manager, DataCamp

George is a Curriculum Manager at DataCamp. He holds a PGDip in Exercise for Health and BSc (Hons) in Sports Science and has experience in project management across public health, applied research, and not-for-profit sectors. George is passionate about sports, tech for good, and all things data science.
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from 23 reviews
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  • Denis M.
    about 1 month

    It was challenging and doable at the same time. It got me learning some new functions in pandas.

  • Cesa D.
    about 1 month


  • James S.
    about 2 months

    Nice exercise!

  • Bhuvanesh U.
    2 months

    V good content to get hands on.

  • Pedro T.
    3 months

    I enjoyed a lot

"It was challenging and doable at the same time. It got me learning some new functions in pandas."

Denis M.


Cesa D.

"Nice exercise!"

James S.


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