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Patrick Groepper

Patrick Groepper

Data Analyst

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My New Track

Associate Data Analyst in SQL (previously Data Analyst in SQL)

My New Project

Analyzing Students' Mental Health

Quantitative pioneer, venturing into unexplored territories of data exploration.

My Work

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Project: Producing Soccer Insights for a Sports Media Agency


Exploratory Data Analysis in SQL


Data Manipulation in SQL


Analyzing American Baby Name Trends


PostgreSQL Summary Stats and Window Functions


Data-Driven Decision Making in SQL


Functions for Manipulating Data in PostgreSQL


Understanding Data Visualization


Joining Data in SQL


Project: When Was the Golden Era of Video Games?


Project: Analyzing Industry Carbon Emissions


Project: Analyzing Students' Mental Health in SQL


Project: Analyzing Motorcycle Part Sales


Project: Analyzing Unicorn Companies

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

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Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools | May 2013 - Present

Math Teacher

As an educator, I facilitate student comprehension and application of mathematical concepts and skills in an engaging and effective manner. My responsibilities include but are not limited to: • Create and present lessons that promote critical thinking using mathematics in order to problem solve. • Provide clear and consistent directions to keep students focused and on task. • Establish a classroom environment that is stimulating, adaptive to student needs, and encourages engagement. • Establish and maintain effective relationships with students, parents and fellow peers. • Coordinate with peers to share best practices, refine teaching methods and address academic and behavioral matters
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My Education

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in MathematicsThe University of Kansas | 2013

About Me

Patrick Groepper

Seeking to leverage data-driven problem solving skills for more accurate decision making.

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