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Dziugas Benikas

Dziugas Benikas

Business Analyst

Wunderman Thompson MAP


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Introduction to SQL

My New Track

Associate Data Analyst in SQL (previously Data Analyst in SQL)

Data enthusiast, embracing the beauty of numbers and algorithms.

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Associate Data Analyst in SQL (previously Data Analyst in SQL)


Exploratory Data Analysis in SQL


Data Manipulation in SQL


Introduction to Relational Databases in SQL


PostgreSQL Summary Stats and Window Functions


Data-Driven Decision Making in SQL


Functions for Manipulating Data in PostgreSQL


Understanding Data Visualization


Understanding Data Engineering


Data Communication Concepts


Introduction to Statistics


Introduction to SQL


Intermediate SQL


Joining Data in SQL


SQL Fundamentals

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

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Wunderman Thompson MAP | Jan 2023 - Present

Talent Coordinator

• Multichannel talent acquisition. • Developing and optimizing recruitment processes. • Training and onboarding new team members.
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Wunderman Thompson MAP | Feb 2021 - Jan 2023

Salesforce Certified Digital Campaign Specialist


Wunderman Thompson MAP | Nov 2019 - Feb 2021

Campaign Coordinator

• Implementation and execution of cross-channel marketing campaigns for global clients. • Implementation of technical workflows for marketing campaigns. • Responsible for team onboarding - creation and optimization of the internal onboarding process, onboarding new team members.

PERE.COM | Oct 2018 - Nov 2019

Growth Hacker

PERE is a next-generation booking platform that matches Hotel guests with restaurants in the vicinity. As a Digital Marketing Manager at PERE I am responsible for developing, managing and optimising some of the company's advertisement campaigns - paid SoMe, Email Marketing and Content Marketing. • Steadily increased PERE's website traffic increase from my arrival. • Launched and managed several successful Social Media Brand Awareness Campaigns resulting in increase in brand trustworthiness, and increase in SoMe followers by 30% • Leading PERE's Email Marketing, including growing the email list of active subscribers, with an average 35% open rate and 1.6% CTR • Setup and launched the company's first automation campaigns • Overseeing PERE's Social channels and responsible for developing a successful story-line and community building across Facebook, Instagram, Newsletters and blogs. • Provide leadership and direction to employees involved in marketing campaigns and day-to-day assignments

The Sound Clique | Feb 2017 - Oct 2019

Managing Editor

The main goal behind The Sound Clique is to provide local and international DJs and musicians with a platform to promote themselves and their production to the fans of Electronic Music globally. We aim to do that by inviting DJs, musicians, promoters & festival organisers, for weekly interviews and guest DJ podcasts in addition to reviewing and featuring artists' production and events. Collaborations through new and different mediums will be introduced not only for DJs and musicians, but artists of any kind, contributing to the urban and electronic music culture. We have already featured exclusive behind the scenes interviews with some of the best talent in the industry, Coyu, Darren Emerson (Underworld), Mark Knight, La Fleur, Pleasurekraft, Recondite, Rodriguez Jr, Uner, ANNA and many other Key responsibilities: Marketing planning and coordinating; Running digital advertising (AdWords, Facebook, Google SEO/SEM); Social Media Management - Instagram, Facebook; Copywriting; Conducting Interviews; Part-taking in Festivals as press; Review and Festival Guide building;

My Education

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Copenhagen Business Academy
Mykolas Romeris University

About Me

Dziugas Benikas

Drive for | Data Analysis | Data Engineering | Marketing Automation | Email Marketing | Marketing and Communication | Digital Marketing |

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