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Vector Databases for Data Science with Weaviate in Python

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how vectors represent meaning.
  • Learn what vector databases can do.
  • Learn how to use Weaviate to perform semantic searches and more.
Tuesday August 15, 11AM ET
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Our world is awash with complex, unstructured, text data. To effectively deal with these, you need a vector database. In this live training, JP shows you how to use Weaviate, a leading open source vector database, to build apps that can understand and manipulate them based on meaning.

Presenter Bio

JP Hwang Headshot
JP HwangTechnical Curriculum Coordinator at Weaviate

JP enjoys empowering others by helping to distill complex technologies into relatable concepts. He works at Weaviate as the Technical Curriculum Developer, facilitating education for vector databases and data science topics.

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