DataCamp Donates

Your DataCamp subscription is powering good causes around the world.


Our mission: Provide free data education for those who need it most.


We give away DataCamp access to qualified organizations to distribute to people looking for work, students, teachers, disadvantaged communities, and qualified research scientists.

Education is a basic human right

We launched DataCamp Donates to stay true to our company’s larger mission of democratizing data science and fighting data illiteracy. Our 70+ partner organizations get one free year of DataCamp Professional access to share with their members.

© Lien Arts, Hack Your Future Belgium

©Lien Arts, Hack Your Future Belgium

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©BeCode, Belgium

Bridging the skill gap

Data training is more important than ever to fill the growing global tech skill gap. DataCamp Donates provides free, on-demand access to data training on every continent for those who stand to benefit the most.



Providing thousands of free subscriptions to fight data illiteracy

We partner with community organizations, large and small, and give them the tools to equip learners to learn data skills and get jobs.


  • Professional development and job placement nonprofits

  • Nonprofit data science and/or coding community organizations

  • Environmental, health, and economic research nonprofits

  • Secondary and postsecondary schools

  • Student-run organizations

  • Governmental social welfare agencies

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The same platform used by millions of data scientists around the world

DataCamp breaks down barriers to entry for those with limited resources who want to learn to code. There’s no need to buy and download external software. Learning is all cloud-based, accessible at home or on the go, and available online or off.


Join learners all over world who are coding their communities’ success stories.


Making Planet Earth more data-literate place, one life at a time.

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“DataCamp has allowed more women to enter the field of technology, learn about data science, and practice their English. With this knowledge, many of us have attained jobs at technology companies.”

SHARON CAMACHO Management Engineer, Data Science FEM


“DataCamp Donates understands the specific needs and challenges facing schools and nonprofits in today’s harsh economic climate.”

DR. ZEESHAN-UL-HASSAN USMANI Philanthropist & AI Thought Leader


“DataCamp is an organization with great people who will go the extra mile to ensure efficient onboarding. The partnership helped our community members skill up, and that has in its own way helped us increase the earning power of African youth.”

BLESSING ABENG Director of Communications, Ingressive For Good


Applications open September 1, 2021

Becoming a DataCamp Donates partner is easy, fast, and free. Read our FAQ for more info.