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Est. 2020

DataCamp Donates

We believe in equity. Talent is everywhere, but opportunities are not. That's why we're donating DataCamp Premium Scholarships to those who need it most.

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What comes with DataCamp Donates?

1+ year of free Premium DataCamp Teams for NGOs and disadvantaged learners

Industry-leading Certifications for every skill level

A group dashboard with customizable Assignments, Reports, and Teams

Bonus DataLab access (IDE), exclusive events, cash competitions, and more

Who we work with


We partner with legally recognized charitable organizations around the world that provide vital services for underserved communities.

Student clubs

Student-run organizations officially affiliated with degree-giving institutions are eligible, empowering the next generation of data and AI professionals to get hired straight out of school.

Socially responsible companies

We also partner with select for-profit organizations that go the extra mile to provide transformational services to disadvantaged people for free.

Who DataCamp Donates benefits

Created in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist those who lost work, today we help people living in communities where free education access is a necessity. 

  • Unemployed or underemployed individuals
  • Those living below their country’s poverty line
  • Refugees and victims of war and/or environmental disaster
  • People with disabilities and/or members of other historically disadvantaged communities
  • Students ages 16–26
  • Nonprofit research scientists analyzing environmental or health data

Our impact so far


scholarships donated



jobs and professional achievements attained by DataCamp Donates scholars


current partner organizations


countries on six continents have produced DataCamp Donates Scholars.

Why we’ve donated over $30 million in scholarships


Education is a basic human right

We launched DataCamp Donates to stay true to our mission of democratizing data and AI education for everyone. A person's income should not prevent them from learning foundational tools vital in the 21st-century skills economy.

Improving the most accessible data and AI learning platform on Earth

DataCamp breaks down all barriers to entry for those who want to learn to code. There’s no need to buy and download external software. Learning is all cloud-based, accessible at home or on the go, and available online or off. And it's the exact same content trusted by millions of data & AI professionals worldwide. No gated curriculum, and no credit card required.

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Getting real people real jobs

With global unemployment and income disparities rising in 2024, we provide the training, tools, and confidence learners need to land their dream jobs. This is the ultimate goal of DataCamp Donates.

Championing nonprofit organizations

We give mainly to charities, trusts, and grassroots aid organizations that provide disadvantaged communities—BIPOC, women, refugees, and those with special needs—with free professional training and networking opportunities. We understand the obstacles facing nonprofits and work to customize the program to each group.

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Supporting students straightaway

DataCamp Donates empowers student clubs to cut out the middleman and attain our scholarships directly. In exchange, they are responsible for vetting all applicants and promoting the program by sharing their professional success stories.

Equalizing the AI playing field

To ensure AI benefits humanity instead of harming it, the people developing it must reflect the diversity of the humans it aims to serve. DataCamp Donates gives learners in the poorest parts of the world the knowledge and skills to improve their situations and help create equitable data-driven solutions for everyone.

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