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Gain the career-building Python skills you need with DataCamp’s online training. Through hands-on learning you’ll discover how this versatile programming language is used by the world’s largest companies for everything from building web applications to data science and machine learning.


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If you’re new to Python make sure you start here—with our most popular track for beginners.

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Career tracks

A collection of curated courses that will help guide your learning. Career tracks cover all the skills you need to kickstart and advance your career in a particular role.

Looking to launch your career in data science? Get on the right path with our Python career tracks. Created by industry experts to grow your programming skills at your own pace.


Data Scientist

From data manipulation to machine learning, you'll gain the career-building Python skills you need to succeed in the exciting field of data science!

88 hours23 courses

DataCamp Content Creator

Course Instructor


Machine Learning Scientist

A machine learning scientist researches new approaches and builds machine learning models.

93 hours23 courses

DataCamp Content Creator

Course Instructor


Data Engineer

Gain the in-demand data engineering skills businesses are looking for and learn how to efficiently ingest, manage, and warehouse data.

73 hours19 courses

DataCamp Content Creator

Course Instructor

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Level up with skill tracks

A collection of curated courses that will help guide your learning. Skill tracks are shorter than career tracks and help you master complementary skills.

Take your Python skills to the next level. Skill tracks give you the targeted expertise in skills employers are looking for, including how to import and clean data, visualize data, and leverage machine learning.


Python Fundamentals

Grow your programmer skills. Discover how to manipulate dictionaries and DataFrames, visualize real-world data, and write your own Python functions.

15 hours4 courses

DataCamp Content Creator

Course Instructor


Statistics Fundamentals

Confidently learn to evaluate statistical models, simulate data, and draw conclusions from a wide variety of data sets.

19 hours5 courses

DataCamp Content Creator

Course Instructor


Data Visualization

Supercharge your data science skills using Python's most popular and robust data visualization libraries.

16 hours4 courses

DataCamp Content Creator

Course Instructor

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What can you do in Python?

Python’s readability and versatility make it the ideal language to code for both beginners and experienced developers alike. Below are just a few ways you can get started using Python, with links to interactive courses for each of these topics.

Screenshot of Build data pipelines
Build data pipelines
Screenshot of Design interactive dashboards
Design interactive dashboards
Screenshot of Portfolio Analysis in Python
Portfolio Analysis in Python
Screenshot of Train machine learning models
Train machine learning models
Screenshot of Create customer segments
Create customer segments
Screenshot of Make predictions with deep learning
Make predictions with deep learning
Screenshot of Optimize supply chains
Optimize supply chains
Screenshot of Design experiments
Design experiments


Short expert videos with interactive exercises. Learn specific skills with these 3-4 hour trainings.

Gain skills fast! Follow short videos led by expert instructors and then practice what you’ve learned with hands-on coding exercises right from your browser.


Introduction to Python

Master the basics of data analysis in Python. Expand your skillset by learning scientific computing with NumPy.

4 Hours
Hugo Bowne-Anderson Headshot

Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Course Instructor


Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 1)

Learn the art of writing your own functions in Python, as well as key concepts like scoping and error handling.

3 Hours
Hugo Bowne-Anderson Headshot

Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Course Instructor


Introduction to Python for Finance

This course introduces Python for financial analysis.

4 Hours
Adina Howe Headshot

Adina Howe

Course Instructor


Dimensionality Reduction in Python

Understand the concept of reducing dimensionality in your data, and master the techniques to do so in Python.

4 Hours
Jeroen Boeye Headshot

Jeroen Boeye

Course Instructor


Image Processing in Python

Learn to process, transform, and manipulate images at your will.

4 Hours
Rebeca Gonzalez Headshot

Rebeca Gonzalez

Course Instructor

Test your Python skills with DataCamp Signal™

Find out how your skills compare to your Python peers, identify areas of improvement, and receive personalized course recommendations. Take a 10-minute skill assessment today.

PythonImporting & Cleaning Data with Python
PythonPython Programming
PythonData Manipulation with Python
Screenshot of a 100 Signal assessment
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Who teaches Python on DataCamp?

Meet the experts behind the training. By joining DataCamp, you’ll unlock access to insights from the leading minds in technology, data science, business, and academia.

Karolis Urbonas Headshot

Learn with
Karolis Urbonas

Head of Machine Learning and Science. See full bio.


Instructor of Machine Learning for Business and 2 other courses

34,460 learners
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Go deeper and solve real-world challenges to build your Python portfolio.


Introduction to DataCamp Projects

If you've never done a DataCamp project, this is the place to start!

UnguidedData VisualizationCase Studies
Rasmus Bååth Headshot

Rasmus Bååth

Data Science Lead at


Naïve Bees: Predict Species from Images

Build a model that can automatically detect honey bees and bumble bees in images.

UnguidedData ManipulationData VisualizationMachine Learning
Peter Bull Headshot

Peter Bull

Co-founder of DrivenData


Analyzing TV Data

Use data manipulation and visualization to explore one of two different television broadcast datasets: The Super Bowl and hit sitcom The Office!

UnguidedData ManipulationData VisualizationImporting & Cleaning Data
David Venturi Headshot

David Venturi

Data Science Educator

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Get the inside track and brush up on the latest Python news, tutorials, and trending posts.

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