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R Programming Fundamentals

Level-up your R programming skills! Learn how to work with common data structures, optimize code, and write your own functions.

22hrs5 courses

Gain the real-world skills you need to import and clean your data when working in R—making it possible for you to reveal the insights that matter.

14hrs4 courses

Bring your data into focus with data visualizations in R using ggplot2. Learn the graphical and plot-building skills to tell better data stories.

12hrs3 courses

Take the pain out of data manipulation using dplyr and tidyr. Learn how to transform, sort, and filter your data, ready for quick analysis.

16hrs4 courses

Discover the power of statistics in R. Learn the key statistical concepts, topics, and techniques used by data scientists and statisticians every day.

20hrs5 courses

Grow your data skills, discover how to manipulate dictionaries and DataFrames, visualize real-world data, and write your own Python functions.

15hrs4 courses

Gain the real-world data prepping skills you need to reveal the insights that matter! Discover how to import, clean, and work with APIs and web data.

13hrs4 courses

Take the pain out of data manipulation using pandas. You’ll learn how to transform, sort, and filter data in DataFrames, ready for quick analysis.

16hrs4 courses

Learn how to extract meaningful insights from time series data in R. Explore how to model, forecast, and visualize time series data.

25hrs6 courses

Grow your financial skills in R. Learn how to evaluate portfolios, calculate credit risk, and create GARCH models to forecast volatility.

26hrs6 courses

Gain the introductory skills you need to make data-driven financial decisions in R—using the xts, zoo, tidyquant, and PortfolioAnalytics packages.

28hrs6 courses

Predict categorical and numeric responses via classification and regression, and discover the hidden structure of datasets with unsupervised learning.

24hrs6 courses

Learn the art of Machine Learning and come away as a boss at prediction, pattern recognition, and the beginnings of Deep and Reinforcement Learning.

16hrs4 courses

Discover text mining in R and learn how to extract exciting insights from tweets, product reviews, and books through sentiment analysis in R.

16hrs4 courses

Learn how to use Shiny, a popular R package, to build highly interactive web applications and share your analyses as dashboards and visualizations.

16hrs4 courses

Gain the skills you need to manipulate, interpret, and visualize time series data in Python, using pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib.

20hrs5 courses

Work with big data in R via parallel programming, interfacing with Spark, writing scalable & efficient R code, and learn ways to visualize big data.

16hrs4 courses

Import and tidy data, wrangle and visualize data, and model and communicate with data in R with the tidyverse.

20hrs5 courses

Learn how to visualize and analyze network data in R, using igraph and other visualization libraries.

12hrs3 courses

Generate, explore, evaluate, and tune the parameters of different supervised machine learning models.

25hrs6 courses

Build beautiful interactive maps, explore your data by zooming into and hovering over plots, and design engaging, dynamic charts in R.

16hrs4 courses
Certification available

Master the SQL fundamentals needed for business, learn how to write SQL queries, and start analyzing your data using this powerful language.

26hrs7 courses

Confidently learn to calculate statistics and probability, evaluate statistical models, and draw conclusions from hypothesis tests.

20hrs5 courses

Grow the R skills you need to work with social media data, perform market basket analysis, and use machine learning to guide your marketing decisions.

24hrs6 courses

A core set of skills in statistical inference necessary to understand, interpret, and tune your statistical & machine learning models.

16hrs4 courses

Supercharge your data science skills using Python's most popular and robust data visualization libraries.

16hrs4 courses

Learn to build machine learning models more effectively using more efficient code and clean data in the tidyverse.

17hrs4 courses

Gain the starting SQL Server skills you need to summarize data, join tables, and analyze your data using SQL Server functions.

21hrs5 courses

Apply your Python skills to take on image data! From pre-processing to deep learning, you'll discover the many ways you can leverage image data.

12hrs3 courses

Become a Google Sheets master. Learn the core skills you need to analyze data using Google Sheets.

17hrs5 courses

Start exploring the world of computational biology with essential Bioconductor packages and workflows for next-generation sequencing data analysis.

16hrs4 courses

Master how to process big data and leverage it efficiently with Apache Spark using the PySpark API.

25hrs6 courses

Level-up your programming skills. Learn how to optimize code, write functions and tests, and use best-practice software engineering techniques.

19hrs4 courses

Learn core data concepts, understand how to answer real-world questions using data, and become a more confident data-driven decision-maker.

16hrs7 courses

Gain the Python skills you need to analyze marketing campaigns, drill into social media data, and use machine learning to predict customer churn.

28hrs7 courses

Boost your business SQL skills. Learn how you can use SQL to quickly analyze data and build powerful reports to overcome business problems.

20hrs5 courses

Gain the database skills you need to become a confident, high-earning SQL DBA. Learn how to create, grow, and manage your PostgreSQL database.

16hrs4 courses

Expand your Google Sheet skills. Learn how data validation, statistics, and regular expressions can save you time with Excel and Sheets!

12hrs3 courses

Take your machine learning skills to the next level. Use the Keras library to create and optimize neural networks to model complex data types.

16hrs4 courses

Data literacy isn't just for data specialists; it's a fundamental life skill that everyone needs.

10hrs5 courses

Learn how to transcribe, and extract exciting insights from books, review sites, and online articles with Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python.

20hrs5 courses

Gain the introductory skills you need to make data-driven financial decisions in Python—using pandas, NumPy, statsmodels, and pyfolio libraries.

25hrs6 courses

Enhance your Python financial skills. Learn how to evaluate portfolios, calculate credit risk, and create GARCH models to forecast volatility.

16hrs4 courses

Grow your financial Google Sheet skills. Learn how to build basic business models, use financial formulas, and create loan amortization schedules.

12hrs3 courses

Learn the essentials of Tableau and develop the skills you need to pass the Tableau Desktop Specialist certification. No prior experience required!

23hrs5 courses

Gain the essential skills you need to use Power BI. Create your own visualizations and dashboards from scratch. No prior experience required.

17hrs6 courses
Certification available

From understanding to data storytelling - gain valuable Data Literacy Skills to tackle the toughest data challenges.

17hrs8 courses

Dive into the foundations of Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), learning the concepts of productionizing and monitoring machine learning models!

14hrs4 courses

Discover the art of data storytelling. Transform raw information into memorable narratives.

6hrs4 courses
Certification available

Discover the fundamentals of AI, dive into models like ChatGPT, and decode generative AI secrets to navigate the dynamic AI landscape.

10hrs6 courses

Gain the essential skills you need to use Excel, from preparing data to writing formulas and creating visualizations. No prior experience is required.

16hrs5 courses

Discover Julia: fast, user-friendly language for all data tasks. Build from basics up to all things DataFrames, with no prior experience required!

16hrs4 courses

Gain the essential skills you need to analyze financial data in Power BI.

18hrs4 courses

Master the most popular supervised machine learning techniques to begin making predictions with labeled data.

25hrs6 courses

Accelerate your AI journey, conquer ChatGPT, and develop a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence strategy.

11hrs7 courses

Begin creating AI systems using models from OpenAI. Learn how to use the OpenAI API to prompt OpenAI's GPT and Whisper models.

13hrs4 courses

Continue your machine learning journey into deep learning. Use the PyTorch library to create neural networks to model different data types.

16hrs4 courses

Learn to develop large language models (LLMs) with PyTorch and Hugging Face, using the latest deep learning and NLP techniques.

16hrs4 courses

Explore the essentials of ChatGPT and prompt engineering. Master crafting prompts to maximize ChatGPT's capabilities.

2hrs2 courses
Certification available

Learn the fundamentals of Azure: computing, storage, and networking. Prepare to become Azure Fundamentals certified and showcase your skills!

8 hours4 courses

Learn to create AI-powered applications with the latest AI developer tools, including the OpenAI API, Hugging Face, and LangChain.

23hrs8 courses
Certification available

Acquire the skills necessary to master Alteryx Designer to pass the Alteryx Core Certification exam. No previous experience is required.

12 hours5 courses

Explore Python-based statistical analysis to gain essential decision-making skills such as A/B testing and Bayesian models.

16hrs4 courses

Build your Python programming skills. Learn how to work with modules and packages, work with built-in data types, and write custom functions.

164 courses

Supercharge your Excel skills with Excel Power Tools: Master Power Query, Power Pivot, and the dynamic M Language.

9 hours3 courses

Master AI leadership with this track: monetize AI, build trust with Responsible and Explainable AI, and secure your innovations. Lead with confidence!

6 hours4 courses

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Data Skills for Business

Learn core data concepts, understand how to answer real-world questions using data, and become a more confident data-driven decision-maker.

16hrs7 courses

Data literacy isn't just for data specialists; it's a fundamental life skill that everyone needs.

10hrs5 courses

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