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From the basecamp to the pinnacle of your journey, DataCamp is the first and foremost leader in Data Science Education offering skill-based training, pioneering technical innovation, and partnering with the world's best educators.



Whatever you create will reach and impact hundreds of thousands of people.

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With a focus on data science and web development, you’ll be strengthening your inner nerd on a daily basis.

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Because we are an early stage start-up, you’ll get a lot of responsibility from day 1.

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Watch the videos of our latest company retreat and learn from your (soon-to-be) colleagues what it's like to work at DataCamp.


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Feel free to drop by our Boston office and have a chat with the Marketing, Sales and Course Development teams!



Most of the engineering team is based in our Leuven office. We organize a bunch of technical meetups, so feel free to pass by!