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Democratizing Data in Large Enterprises

Meenal Iyer shares her thorough, effective, and clear strategy for democratizing data successfully and how that helps create a successful data culture in large enterprises

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Adel Nehme

June 20, 2022

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How Data Science Enables Better Decisions at Merck

July 4, 2022


Notebooks for R Users

DataCamp recently migrated RStudio workspaces to DataCamp’s Notebook Editor which features a JupyterLab interface. This post is designed to help R users get started and be productive with JupyterLab.
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Filip Schouwenaars

June 9, 2022

Product News

Introducing our Exclusive Community for DataCamp Certified Learners

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Raven Todd DaSilva

May 31, 2022

DataCamp Donates

DataCamp Donates is helping grow a new community of young women data scientists in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a new set of data scientists in town! Women in Data Science Costa Rica is fighting high levels of local female unemployment in their country through educational outreach. Read on to discover how university students at the Latin American University of Science & Technology (ULACIT) are using DataCamp Donates to learn and share new data skills with girls in high school.
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Women in Data Science Costa Rica

June 17, 2022

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How Data Science Enables Better Decisions at Merck

Suman Giri shares how Merck is using data to improve organizational decision-making, medical research outcomes, and how data science is transforming the pharmaceutical industry at scale.
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Adel Nehme

July 4, 2022


The Best SQL Jobs in 2022: Unlock new career paths with SQL

Discover the best SQL jobs available in 2022 and why SQL skills are in such high demand. Plus, discover some of the top courses for learning SQL.

Sejal Jaiswal

July 1, 2022

Career Services

How to Negotiate Your Salary for a Data Job

In this article, we discuss the best practices for negotiating your salary when being offered a new data role.
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Eugenia Anello

July 1, 2022

Data Literacy

The 9 Most In-Demand Skills in the Data Industry

Discover the most in-demand data skills and why employers are seeking skilled individuals. Plus. find out how you can improve your data knowledge in key areas.

Summer Worsley

June 29, 2022

Data Analysis

How to prepare for a Data Analyst interview

If you are hunting for your first data analyst job, or looking to move up in your career, use this guide to help prepare for your interview and land your dream job.
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DataCamp Team

June 27, 2022


How Data Science Drives Value for Finance Teams

Brian Richardi talks about his experience as a data science leader transitioning from Finance. He provides insights into utilizing collaboration and effective communication to drive value while leading the data science finance function at Stryker.
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Adel Nehme

June 27, 2022

Data Science

NoSQL Databases: What Every Data Scientist Needs to Know

Find out what NoSQL databases are used for, why data scientists use them, and a list of the best NoSQL databases available.
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Zoumana Keita

June 24, 2022

Power BI

Top Power BI Jobs in 2022

Discover the top jobs you can land with Power BI skills, and learn why upskilling with this business intelligence powerhouse is a sure bet to supercharge your career prospects.
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Joleen Bothma

June 24, 2022