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How to Build a Data Science Team from Scratch

Elettra Damaggio shares how data leaders can balance short-term wins with long-term goals, how to earn trust with stakeholders, major challenges when launching a data science function, and advice she has for new and aspiring data practitioners.

Adel Nehme

July 11, 2022

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Clustering in Machine Learning: 5 Essential Clustering Algorithms

August 9, 2022

R Programming

The Top 10 R Project Ideas for 2022

Discover what R is and all the benefits for using it while giving examples and new ideas for a project.
Elena Kosourova 's photo

Elena Kosourova

July 13, 2022

Data Science

[Infographic] The Anatomy of a Data Team — Different Data Roles

DataCamp Team's photo

DataCamp Team

July 7, 2022

Summer Worsley

June 29, 2022


Is SQL a Programming Language?

Is SQL considered a programming language? We look at the various factors to consider, and what the language is used for.
Sejal Jaiswal's photo

Sejal Jaiswal

July 12, 2022

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Power BI

Top 9 Power BI Dashboard Examples

Discover the potential of Power BI by looking at examples of dashboards and their various features
Eugenia Anello's photo

Eugenia Anello

January 1, 1970


Radar Recap — Data Science Certification: Is It Worth It?

In this article, we summarize the main takeaways from DataCamp Radar’s session on Data Science Certifications.
DataCamp Team's photo

DataCamp Team

January 1, 1970


Post-Deployment Data Science

Hakim Elakhrass talks about post-deployment data science, the real-world use cases for tools like NannyML, the potentially catastrophic effects of unmonitored models in production, the most important skills for modern data scientists to cultivate, and more.
Adel Nehme's photo

Adel Nehme

August 8, 2022

Career Services

Blog Recap — Hiring & Retaining Data Talents in 2022

With a tumultuous hiring market in 2022, recruiting and retaining data talent has never been more important and challenging. Meenal Iyer and Glenn Hofmann described the landscape for building data teams and offered tips to compete with FAANG in the talent wars.
Adel Nehme's photo

Adel Nehme

August 5, 2022


Introducing New Associate Certifications

DataCamp has launched two new Associate Certifications for entry-level data analysts and data scientists to prove to employers they’re ready to get started in a new role!
Vicky Kennedy's photo

Vicky Kennedy

August 2, 2022

DataCamp Donates

DataCamp Donates Q2 2022 Digest

The Q2 digest of the DataCamp Donates program is here! Check out how DataCamp Donates has been doing as they feature new additions into the program. New partners, new content, and new stories to expect!

Nathaniel Taylor-Leach

August 2, 2022

Seve Perez 's photo

Seve Perez

August 2, 2022


Interpretable Machine Learning

Serg Masis talks about the different challenges affecting model interpretability in machine learning, how bias can produce harmful outcomes in machine learning systems, the different types of technical and non-technical solutions to tackling bias, the future of machine learning interpretability, and much more.
Adel Nehme's photo

Adel Nehme

August 1, 2022

Data Visualization

12 of the Best Data Visualizations Tools

There are many data visualization tools available. In this article, we have prepared a comprehensive list of some of the most useful data visualization tools in data science.
Javier Canales Luna 's photo

Javier Canales Luna

July 27, 2022