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DataCamp for Classrooms

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Democratizing data science education

Our mission is to empower everyone with data skills for the future. DataCamp has helped over half a million students and teachers from 180 countries build their data science and analytics skills for free.

Why we decided to give up 10% of our revenue

Find out why DataCamp gave up 10% of its revenue to give schools free access to DataCamp.

Photo of Martijn Theuwissen COO and Co-Founder, DataCamp
Martijn Theuwissen COO and Co-Founder, DataCamp

We’ve awarded over 500,000 DataCamp scholarships

To celebrate, we’re making DataCamp for Classrooms available to high school teachers and their students.

Photo of Jonathan Cornelissen, CEO and Co-founder, DataCamp
Jonathan Cornelissen, CEO and Co-founder, DataCamp

Data Education is a Basic Human Right

Why we decided to launch and support free access to DataCamp for Classrooms for secondary and higher education.

Photo of Martijn Theuwissen COO and Co-Founder, DataCamp
Martijn Theuwissen COO and Co-Founder, DataCamp

What can you teach using DataCamp?

You and your students have free access for an entire semester to DataCamp's growing curriculum of expert content—designed for students of all data skills and levels.

  • 360+Interactive courses
  • 50+ Curated learning paths
  • 90+ Real-life projects
  • 50+ Practice sessions
  • 10+ Skill assessments
  • 260+ Expert Instructors

Join DataCamp's alumni

Educators around the world use DataCamp to teach data science skills and the latest data concepts. Set your students up for success with your free account.

  • Berkeley University of California
  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University
  • Des Moines University
  • Imperial College London

Hands-on learning designed for your classroom

Learn by doing with the best instructors

We work with best-in-class instructors to develop the highest quality content. Students can code directly in the browser—there’s no installation or download required—providing them with an effective, engaging learning experience.

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Create assignments for your students

Assignments are a great way to set clear goals. You can assign a track, course, or chapter to individuals, student teams, or your entire class. Quickly see who finished on time and let DataCamp automatically remind your students of deadlines.

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Track your students’ growth and progress

Easily track your students’ development over time on your leaderboard. You can also assign DataCamp Signal assessments to accurately measure your students’ progress.

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For more advanced integrations and reporting talk to our Sales team.

Are you a teacher employed by a nonprofit organization? Apply to DataCamp Donates for free access.

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DataCamp is a great resource for students learning to code. The interactive learning environment, quality, and variety of content can't be beat. Coding can be intimidating to students and the DataCamp platform allows me to lower the barriers for students as they learn to code.

This has allowed my classes to have a higher quality engagement with students because we can spend our time together diving deep on a variety of analysis rather than spending our time on syntax issues.

Michael Ames, Wake Forest University, USA


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