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Why you should teach on DataCamp

Teach data science and analytics to millions of learners while building your personal brand. Join us on our mission to spread data fluency around the globe.

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Reach an audience of over 12,770,000 data science and analytics learners

Join a network of over 300 DataCamp instructors

  • Scale your impact to a global audience

    Share your knowledge with over 12,770,000 data scientists around the world.

  • Build your data science brand

    Get your name out there by sharing your expertise with the world.

  • Supplement or replace your income

    Earn royalties through DataCamp's revenue sharing program.

  • Use data to improve your teaching

    Learn from data on how thousands of students engage with your content.

How it Works

Different content types suit different goals

  • Courses

    Teach new data science skills in an intuitive way.

  • Practice Challenges

    Reinforce course concepts by creating short practice challenges.

  • Projects

    Build DataCamp projects to teach learners how to solve real-life problems with data.

A content editor focused on content

We've built and refined our editor to make creating engaging learning material as seamless as possible—so you can focus on teaching what matters.

Screenshot of the teach editor for Loading the gapminder

Start sharing your knowledge with colleagues or learners

Teach through the same learning environment that 12770000 people and thousands of businesses have used to learn data science and analytics.

Screenshot of campus gapminder calculations


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