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Data science courses

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Introduction to Python

Master the basics of data analysis with Python in just four hours. This online course will introduce the Python interface and explore popular packages.

Clock4 hoursTagProgrammingUserHugo Bowne-AndersonLearncourses

Introduction to SQL

Learn how to create and query relational databases using SQL in just two hours.

Clock2 hoursTagData ManipulationUserIzzy WeberLearncourses

Introduction to R

Master the basics of data analysis in R, including vectors, lists, and data frames, and practice R with real data sets.

Clock4 hoursTagProgrammingUserJonathan CornelissenLearncourses

Understanding Data Science

An introduction to data science with no coding involved.

Clock2 hoursTagData LiteracyUserHadrien LacroixLearncourses

Intermediate Python

Level up your data science skills by creating visualizations using Matplotlib and manipulating DataFrames with pandas.

Clock4 hoursTagProgrammingUserHugo Bowne-AndersonLearncourses

Introduction to ChatGPT

Learn how to use ChatGPT. Discover best practices for writing prompts and explore common business use cases for the powerful AI tool.

Clock1 hourTagArtificial IntelligenceUserJames ChapmanLearncourses

Intermediate SQL

Accompanied at every step with hands-on practice queries, this course teaches you everything you need to know to analyze data using your own SQL code today!

Clock4 hoursTagData ManipulationUserJasmin LudolfLearncourses
Power BI

Introduction to Power BI

Master the Power BI basics and learn to use the data visualization software to build impactful reports.

Clock3 hoursTagData VisualizationUserSara BillenLearncourses

Data Manipulation with pandas

Learn how to import and clean data, calculate statistics, and create visualizations with pandas.

Clock4 hoursTagData ManipulationUserRichie CottonLearncourses

Joining Data in SQL

Level up your SQL knowledge and learn to join tables together, apply relational set theory, and work with subqueries.

Clock4 hoursTagData ManipulationUserMaham KhanLearncourses

Supervised Learning with scikit-learn

Grow your machine learning skills with scikit-learn in Python. Use real-world datasets in this interactive course and learn how to make powerful predictions!

Clock4 hoursTagMachine LearningUserGeorge BoormanLearncourses

Introduction to Excel

Master the Excel basics and learn to use this spreadsheet tool to conduct impactful analysis.

Clock4 hoursTagData ManipulationUserJess AhmetLearncourses

Understanding Data Engineering

Discover how data engineers lay the groundwork that makes data science possible. No coding involved!

Clock2 hoursTagData EngineeringUserHadrien LacroixLearncourses

Data Analysis in Excel

Learn how to analyze data with PivotTables and intermediate logical functions before moving on to tools such as what-if analysis and forecasting.

Clock3 hoursTagOtherUserNick EdwardsLearncourses

Introduction to the Tidyverse

Get started on the path to exploring and visualizing your own data with the tidyverse, a powerful and popular collection of data science tools within R.

Clock4 hoursTagProgrammingUserDavid RobinsonLearncourses

Financial Modeling in Excel

Learn about Excel financial modeling, including cash flow, scenario analysis, time value, and capital budgeting.

Clock3 hoursTagApplied FinanceUserNick EdwardsLearncourses

Introduction to Tableau

Start your Tableau journey with our Introduction to Tableau course. Discover Tableau basics such as its features and dashboards.

Clock6 hoursTagData VisualizationUserMaarten Van den BroeckLearncourses

Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 1)

Learn the art of writing your own functions in Python, as well as key concepts like scoping and error handling.

Clock3 hoursTagProgrammingUserHugo Bowne-AndersonLearncourses

Intermediate R

Continue your journey to becoming an R ninja by learning about conditional statements, loops, and vector functions.

Clock6 hoursTagProgrammingUserFilip SchouwenaarsLearncourses

Data Manipulation in SQL

Master the complex SQL queries necessary to answer a wide variety of data science questions and prepare robust data sets for analysis in PostgreSQL.

Clock4 hoursTagData ManipulationUserMona KhalilLearncourses

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Uncover AI's challenges and societal implications in this theoretical course. Discover machine learning, deep learning, NLP, generative models & more.

Clock2 hoursTagArtificial IntelligenceUserIván Palomares CarrascosaLearncourses

Introduction to Data

Gain an introduction to data in this hands-on course. Learn the basics of data types and structures, the DIKW framework, data ethics and more.

Clock2 hoursTagData LiteracyUserMaarten Van den BroeckLearncourses

Introduction to Statistics in Python

Grow your statistical skills and learn how to collect, analyze, and draw accurate conclusions from data using Python.

Clock4 hoursTagProbability & StatisticsUserMaggie MatsuiLearncourses

Data Manipulation with dplyr

Delve further into the Tidyverse by learning to transform and manipulate data with dplyr.

Clock4 hoursTagData ManipulationUserJames ChapmanLearncourses
Power BI

Introduction to DAX in Power BI

Enhance your Power BI knowledge, by learning the fundamentals of Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) such as calculated columns, tables, and measures.

Clock2 hoursTagData ManipulationUserJess AhmetLearncourses

Joining Data with pandas

Learn to combine data from multiple tables by joining data together using pandas.

Clock4 hoursTagData ManipulationUserAaren StubberfieldLearncourses

Understanding Machine Learning

An introduction to machine learning with no coding involved.

Clock2 hoursTagMachine LearningUserHadrien LacroixLearncourses

Understanding Data Visualization

An introduction to data visualization with no coding involved.

Clock2 hoursTagData VisualizationUserRichie CottonLearncourses

Exploratory Data Analysis in Python

Learn how to explore, visualize, and extract insights from data using exploratory data analysis (EDA) in Python.

Clock4 hoursTagExploratory Data AnalysisUserGeorge BoormanLearncourses