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Our mission is to democratize data and AI skills for everyone

Companies and teams of every size use DataCamp to close their data and AI skill gaps and make better data-driven decisions.

The impact of data science and analytics

Data science and analytics are rapidly shaping every aspect of our lives and our businesses. We’re collecting more data than ever before, but not everyone is able to efficiently analyze all that data to extract meaningful insights. There is incredible power in data—but only if you know what to do with it. DataCamp teaches companies and individuals the skills they need to work with data in the real world.

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Data is the core of a business today. Yet most companies only analyze a fraction of their data, and do so inefficiently. Many relegate data science knowledge to a small group within the company. Consequently, they face an enormous skill gap that they can’t hire their way out of. This runs counter to the data transformation initiatives that most companies are going through today. Democratizing data skills and making entire organizations data fluent is where we come in.

Martijn Theuwissen, DataCamp COO


3,000Academic organizations

14 millionDataCamp learners


Our core values

We live by a set of core values designed to set us on the best path to achieve our mission of democratizing data skills for everyone.
Bar ChartData-driven decision-makingData skills are our business. We believe in making decisions based on data and facts.
RocketActionWe are a fast-moving company that understands the importance of taking action.
TransparencyWe believe that being transparent leads to improvement and success.
FlagAct like an ownerWe take initiative and embrace accountability.
GroupCustomer focusedWe prioritize meeting learners and members needs above everything else.

Supporting data education for all

At DataCamp, we believe everyone deserves access to high-quality education and data skill development for a more secure future. As part of our mission to democratize data skills for everyone, we have always provided free, unlimited access to DataCamp for Classrooms for instructors and their students, serving more than 350,000 students around the world. We've also partnered with more than 120 nonprofit organizations to give 25,000 free DataCamp subscriptions to communities that need them most.

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