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Join our webinars and live training sessions to learn how to build a data-driven organization. Even if you can’t attend live, we encourage you to register to receive a link to the on-demand recording.

For previously recorded webinars, view our on-demand webinars.

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Data Literacy for Responsible AI

70% of customers expect organizations to provide AI interactions and products that are transparent and fair (Capgemini). Now more than ever, organizations need to govern deployed AI systems to minimize harm for end-users and organizational risk. In this webinar, the VP of Trusted AI at DataRobot Ted Kwartler, DataRobot’s Global AI Ethicist Haniyeh Mahmoudian, and DataCamp’s Adel Nehme will outline the importance of responsible AI and data literacy can act as the basis of scalable AI governance.

Thursday, December 2, 11:00 AM ET
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DataCamp in Action: Data Upskilling for Your Organization

Discover how DataCamp’s hands-on approach to learning makes it easy for your team to develop the data skills they—and your company—actually need. This one-hour webinar is open to anyone interested in learning how other businesses are using DataCamp to make their training programs more effective and hands-on, scale data training throughout their entire organization, and close their skill gap.

Friday, December 3, 10:00 AM BST and 1:30 PM ET
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Live Training

Live Code-Along: Building a Recommender System in R

Join us for this live, hands-on training with Maarten Van den Broeck, content developer at DataCamp, where you will learn to build a movie recommendation model in R. All of this will be done in DataCamp Workspace, so you don’t need to install or set up anything beforehand. This session will run for 1.5 hours, so you can really immerse yourself in the subject. Some short breaks and opportunities are included to ask the expert questions throughout the Live Code-Along

Tuesday, 7th December, 11 AM ET
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Measuring the ROI of Data Literacy Programs

In this webinar, we’ll uncover the importance of L&D programs on data science and analytics in an increasingly digitized world, and discuss practical steps and frameworks L&D teams can adopt today to measure the ROI of L&D programs on data science and analytics.

December 14th, 11 AM EDT
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