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Fireside chat with Zach Deane-Mayer: On data science, GPT-3 and automated machine learning

In this fireside chat, Zach Deane-Mayer, Vice President of Data Science at DataRobot, will walk us through the use cases where data science and machine learning have driven the most value for organizations. He will also share his insight on new developments in machine learning, like OpenAI's GPT-3 model and the use of deep-learning for tabular data, and comment on the rise of automated machine learning with his work at DataRobot.

Thursday, December 3 at 11 AM ET
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Unguided Project Code-Along

The Android App Market on Google Play

Join us for this live code-along session where we will work through possible solutions to an unguided project - The Android App Market on Google Play. You will learn how to load, clean, and analyze Google Play Store data to gain practicable insights into the Android app market.

Tuesday, December 8th at 9 AM ET
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Machine Learning in Finance: Challenges and Solutions

Senior machine learning engineer at ING Bank Nemanja Radojković lays out the fundamental challenges of using Machine Learning to solve business problems in the Financial Industry. In addition to a high-level overview, he will dive deeper into several representative use cases and typical approaches to tackle them. Whether you're a hands-on data professional, enthusiast or manager in the financial industry, this webinar will give you a good digest on AI in this space.

Thursday, December 10 at 11 AM ET
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