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Gain the career-building SQL skills you need with DataCamp’s online training. Through hands-on learning you’ll load, extract, and manipulate data from relational databases. Study at your own pace and grow your SQL skills.


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A collection of curated courses that will help guide your learning.

Boost your SQL skills with our expert-curated tracks. Whether you’re a data scientist, analyst, engineer, or a manager who wants to be more data-driven, get the skills that businesses are looking for with this in-demand language.


SQL Fundamentals

Learn the fundamental business skills you need to write SQL queries and start analyzing your data using this powerful language.

21 hours5 courses

DataCamp Content Creator

Course Instructor


SQL Server Fundamentals

Gain the starting SQL Server skills you need to summarize data, join tables, and analyze your data using SQL Server functions.

22 hours5 courses

DataCamp Content Creator

Course Instructor


SQL Server Toolbox

Take your SQL Server skills to the next level with user-defined functions and stored procedures, improved query performance, and analyze time data.

17 hours4 courses

DataCamp Content Creator

Course Instructor

What can you do with SQL?

SQL allows you to speak to data stored in databases. It's used by businesses large and small to explore and manipulate their data to extract meaningful insights. Below are a few examples of what you can achieve, with links to interactive courses for each of these topics.

Screenshot of Join data
Join data
Screenshot of Design relational databases
Design relational databases
Screenshot of Explore your data
Explore your data
Screenshot of Write functions
Write functions
Screenshot of Create reports
Create reports
Screenshot of Optimize queries
Optimize queries
Screenshot of Analyze business data
Analyze business data
Screenshot of Summarize data
Summarize data


Short expert videos with interactive exercises. Learn specific skills with these 3-4 hour trainings.

Gain skills fast! Follow short videos led by expert instructors and then practice what you’ve learned with hands-on coding exercises right from your browser.


Introduction to SQL

Master the basics of querying tables in relational databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL.

4 Hours
Nick Carchedi Headshot

Nick Carchedi

Course Instructor


Intermediate SQL

Master the complex SQL queries necessary to answer a wide variety of data science questions and prepare robust data sets for analysis in PostgreSQL.

4 Hours
Mona Khalil Headshot

Mona Khalil

Course Instructor


Data-Driven Decision Making in SQL

Learn how to analyze a SQL table and report insights to management.

4 Hours
Bart Baesens Headshot

Bart Baesens

Course Instructor


Time Series Analysis in SQL Server

Explore ways to work with date and time data in SQL Server for time series analysis

5 Hours
Kevin Feasel Headshot

Kevin Feasel

Course Instructor


Transactions and Error Handling in SQL Server

Learn to write scripts that will catch and handle errors and control for multiple operations happening at once.

4 Hours
Miriam Antona Headshot

Miriam Antona

Course Instructor


Database Design

Learn to design databases in SQL.

4 Hours
Lis Sulmont Headshot

Lis Sulmont

Course Instructor

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SQLData Analysis in SQL (PostgreSQL)
Screenshot of a 100 Signal assessment
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Who teaches SQL on DataCamp?

Meet the experts behind the training. By joining DataCamp, you’ll unlock access to insights from the leading minds in technology, data science, business, and academia.

Christina Maimone Headshot

Learn with
Christina Maimone

Data Scientist, Northwestern University. See full bio.


Instructor of Exploratory Data Analysis in SQL

46,625 learners
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Go deeper and solve real-world challenges using SQL to help grow your personal portfolio.


Introduction to DataCamp Projects

If you've never done a DataCamp project, this is the place to start!

UnguidedData ManipulationData VisualizationImporting & Cleaning Data
David Venturi Headshot

David Venturi

Data Science Educator


Analyze International Debt Statistics

Write SQL queries to answer interesting questions about international debt using data from The World Bank.

UnguidedData ManipulationImporting & Cleaning Data
Sayak  Paul Headshot

Sayak Paul

Machine Learning Engineer at Carted

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Get the inside track and brush up on the latest SQL news, tutorials, and trending posts.

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