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“What I love about DataCamp is that it gives beginners a great place to start, and provides a clear, and effective path forward.”

Jamen Long used the skills he learned at DataCamp to land a full time job as a data scientist.


“I'm forever grateful that DataCamp gave me this initial push into the deep waters of data science.”

Heng Fun is a Quantitative Analyst at a Shanghai-based hedge fund.


“Thanks to DataCamp I can now look at business problems and evaluate if we can solve them with the help of data science.”

Markus is a business consultant planning to take his newfound skills to build new models that can help his business succeed.

DataCamp provides me the flexibility to learn in the midst of my busy schedule and gives me a sense of direction in how to build the skills necessary to succeed.


“From vectors, to data frames, to creating your own visualizations, DataCamp has courses on everything.”

Mauricio is pursuing an MBA with a focus on Big Data.


“In my opinion, DataCamp has the most comprehensive catalog for preparing future data scientists for a degree.”

Steve Taylor is preparing for a degree in Data Science.


“ We needed to reinforce general programming concepts and how they apply to R. That led us to signing up for DataCamp’s R courses.”

Brigham Young University uses DataCamp to help students grasp data science.

From learning basic syntax, to building meaningful summaries and groupings in dplyr to visualisation and R markdown, DataCamp really teaches you many different parts of R that would be difficult to learn otherwise.


“We love the way our progress is shown and have the satisfaction of learning with practical exercises”

Cajamar Cooperative Group uses DataCamp to improve and homogenize R competences within their group.


“DataCamp’s interactive method of learning is great. The interactivity helps people follow the courses and keeps them engaged.”

Marisa de la Torre is Director for Internal Research Capacity at the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research.

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