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NumPy Crash Course

Learn about NumPy arrays and manipulate data stored inside of them.
Feb 2023
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If you want to use Python for number crunching, you should get to know NumPy!

This gentle introduction to NumPy will show you the basics of NumPy and explore why NumPy is so ubiquitous. Using DataLab, you’ll get to know NumPy arrays and manipulate data stored inside of them.

By the end of the session, you’ll be looking at examples of how 3-D NumPy arrays can store image data! This session will run for 75 minutes, allowing you time to immerse yourself in the subject, and includes short breaks and opportunities to ask questions throughout the training.

Key takeaways

  • Learn the basics of NumPy: what is an array and why is it useful?

  • What sets NumPy apart? Speed and n-dimensional data!

  • Get excited about NumPy possibilities with cool NumPy applications like manipulating image data


cheat sheet

NumPy Cheat Sheet: Data Analysis in Python

This Python cheat sheet is a quick reference for NumPy beginners.
Karlijn Willems's photo

Karlijn Willems

6 min


Python Arrays

Python arrays with code examples. Learn how to create and print arrays using Python NumPy today!
DataCamp Team's photo

DataCamp Team

3 min


Python Numpy Array Tutorial

A NumPy tutorial for beginners in which you'll learn how to create a NumPy array, use broadcasting, access values, manipulate arrays, and much more.
Karlijn Willems's photo

Karlijn Willems

45 min


Scipy Tutorial: Vectors and Arrays (Linear Algebra)

A SciPy tutorial in which you'll learn the basics of linear algebra that you need for machine learning in Python, with a focus how to with NumPy.
Karlijn Willems's photo

Karlijn Willems

28 min


Exploratory Data Analysis in Python for Absolute Beginners

In this live codealong, you will learn the basics of exploring new datasets
Filip Schouwenaars's photo

Filip Schouwenaars


Getting Started with Machine Learning in Python

Learn the fundamentals of supervised learning by using scikit-learn.
George Boorman's photo

George Boorman

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