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DataCamp Recruit simplifies hiring top data talent

With access to 10,000+ data scientists and data analysts, you can effectively find and filter professionals with the precise set of skills, experience, and backgrounds that you need to hire for.

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Hire faster

It can take months to find and hire the right data scientist or data analyst. With DataCamp Recruit, we streamline your candidate search through smart filtering and help you get to the right hire faster.

Access certified data talent

Gain access to job-seekers that have been certified by DataCamp. Not only have they proven their technical skills, but also their abilities to communicate insights and put together compelling analysis.

"As an executive I can say that I trust profesionals with the DataCamp Professional Data Scientist certification."

Eduardo Pacheo

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How do I hire data scientists using DataCamp Recruit?

DataCamp Recruit is one of the largest curated lists of data talent. Once you’ve identified candidates (through our filtering tool) that you’d like to speak with, you will be able to directly reach out to them.

I’m looking to hire senior data scientists, can I find them through DataCamp Recruit?

Yes, we have a wide array of skill sets, from junior to senior level roles, but the majority of profiles on DataCamp Recruit is made up of junior talent due to the nature of our learning platform.

Do you have freelance data scientists for employers in DataCamp Recruit?

Yes, but freelancing depends on a candidates preference.

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