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DataCamp Certification

Get certified in your
dream data role

From getting certified to personalized resume reviews and interview preparation — we've got the tools you need to land your dream data role.

  • Built in partnership with experienced professionals
  • Test the skills you need to work as a data professional
  • Prove you’re job ready
  • Personalized job-search support from our Career Services team
Land your dream job in data science

DataCamp’s Certification Programs

Demand for data talent far exceeds the supply of qualified candidates.
This has made recruiting data talent extremely difficult and competitive.
Our certification programs help you stand out and prove your skills are job-ready to potential employers.

Why get certified with DataCamp?

Industry recognized certifications
Industry recognized certificationsOur certifications are built in partnership with industry leaders, so employers know you have the skills needed to succeed.
Personalized career support
Personalized career supportGet access to coaching from career experts who know what it takes to get hired.
Differentiate yourself from the pack
Differentiate yourself from the packStand out in a competitive job market.
From the leader in data science education
From the leader in data science educationWe've currently upskilled 7M+ learners all across the globe.
Certification testimonial author

"It was a worthwhile process, which inspired me to elevate my data science skills to a whole new level."

Radhika Garg

Choose which certification you’d like to begin

Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for taking data and creating actionable insights from it.

Skills we test for:
Data Management
Exploratory Analysis
Model Development
Statistical Experimentation
Coding for Production
Get Certified

Data Analyst

Career Services

Career services

Once certified, you'll get access to our career services team. Our team of experts is specialized in helping learners land their dream jobs in data science.

Learn more
Group workshops to get you ready for your job search
Tailored feedback to help you navigate your job search
Personalized career coaching sessions
Profile optimization for getting matched with employers on DataCamp Jobs

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Certification testimonial author

"This experience in DataCamp really went beyond my expectations."

Qiwei Men


Certification testimonial author

"I enjoyed the certification process, and I'm happy to have been successfully certified."

Jens Svensmark