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Data Analyst Certification

Showcase your ability to answer business critical questions and provide vital information to stakeholders. You will need to be able to effectively visualize and communicate your results.

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Our Process

How it works

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Begin your journey

Embark on your certification journey by registering today! Once registered, you'll have 30 days to conquer the timed exam(s) and practical exam. To ensure you're fully prepared, we recommend taking the readiness quiz before the certification.

Timed Exams

Test your knowledge

We will put your skills to the test with two timed exams. You will have two hours and two attempts at each exam to show you are ready. Not quite there? Don't worry, DataCamp's learning platform has everything you need to prepare and achieve your goals. 

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Practical exam

Instant feedback, instant results!

Once you've completed the timed exam, get ready to showcase your abilities in the practical exam. Dive into the sample exam beforehand to familiarize yourself with the format and expectations. For associate exams, you will be automatically graded, giving you your results moements after submitting. At higher levels you will be graded by a real human who will review the report and presentation that you submit. 

Receive a certificate


Congratulations! You've navigated through the challenging terrains of our certification journey, showcasing your expertise and commitment along the way. In this final step, bask in the glory of your achievements as you officially receive your Certification. This badge of excellence not only symbolizes your proficiency in the field but opens doors to new opportunities in your career.

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Get exclusive access to our Certified Community

Once you’re certified, you’ll get access to our exclusive certification community. You’ll be able to connect with other certified professionals and explore content curated just for you by our community team.

  • Events with industry experts
  • Group forums to ask questions and get feedback on your work and portfolio
  • Exclusive content tailored to making you a top data professional
  • Resources to stand out and excel in your job search
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What is a Data Analyst?

Data analysts work with business stakeholders to provide actionable insights from data. They are typically using visualizations and statistical methods to understand and interpret data, identify patterns and trends and make recommendations. They will generally be using SQL and visualizations tools, adding in Python or R as they progress in their career.

Who hires Data Analysts?

Data Analysts are hired in all industries and companies of all sizes. As a data analyst you can expect to work on wide ranging problems within an organization. In some companies Data Analysts will be part of a single data team, acting as consultants to other departments. While other companies will have data analysts based in a particular domain such as marketing or product development.

How much do DataCamp Certifications cost?

DataCamp Certification is included with your premium subscription, so there are no additional costs. When you subscribe you will have access to all of the learning materials to prepare for your certification, practice assessments and exams and the certification itself.

Does DataCamp provide materials to prepare for Certification?

Yes! As part of your subscription, you will have access to our content library that includes hundreds of hours of courses, practice and projects. You won’t need to complete it all though. We have curated a series of Career tracks that will guide you through building the core skills you will need for certification. Once you feel ready, we also provide a range of resources to help you prepare for the exams themselves, giving you a chance to experience the process before you start.

When do I have to take the exams?

For DataCamp Certifications you can take the exams whenever you want. Just like the rest of the DataCamp platform, we have designed the certification process so that you can fit it into your schedule. For some of our exams, once you start you will have a set number of hours to complete, and you will have 30 days overall to complete all of the requirements. But otherwise, the process is designed so that everyone has the opportunity to get certified.

How long are DataCamp Certifications valid for?

Our Career Certifications are valid for two years from the date awarded. The data industry is moving quickly and it is important to keep your skills up to date, so you will be invited to retake the exams after two years, or if you would prefer, you can attempt to upgrade to a more advanced level certification.

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