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Using Joins to Analyze Book Sales in SQL

Learn how to join data together to get it into a state for analysis.
Apr 2023
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Data in databases is typically spread across many tables, but that's not helpful for analyses. In this session you'll learn how to join data from different tables together to get it into a state for analysis. You'll also learn to analyze and visualize retail data through a dataset on book sales from a bookstore.

In this session we use DataCamp Workspace. All you need is a DataCamp account. If you need help, read the Getting Started with Workspace tutorial. Note that members of some enterprise groups do not yet have access to use DataCamp Workspace. Create a free DataCamp account with your personal email address to follow along.

We recommend that you have taken the following course before watching:


What will I learn?

  • Understand database structures and use LEFT JOINs and INNER JOINs to manipulate data for analysis.

  • Learn to use exploratory queries to get a comprehensive understanding of a dataset.

  • Get insights into how to analyze retail sales data.