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The Hallmarks of Successful Data Training Programs

Listen to Sharon Castillo talk about what makes an effective data training program. Essential listening for anyone developing a training program for their team or organization.

Oct 2022
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Key Quotes

Organizations should focus on targeted, high-quality training programs instead of general training. Is it the right training? Does it address the needs that users have? Don't just pick a program just because it's a program that has some relevant topics. Ensure a training program teaches relevant topics in a way that’s also relevant to the company’s operation. A great way to do this is to run a trial the way you would with software. Instead of sending 500 people through the program, send just a few people through it and assess what they learned and how impactful it was for them. Then continue on if it was successful or find something else if it wasn’t.

For people to retain knowledge, you can't just blast a ton of information at them. You need spaced repetition where, during class, you teach just a piece of information, skills, and other things, then you go away and let them work on it. Let them practice the learnings in the next session and dig deeper by adding another layer. Training structured with this kind of iterative approach is much more effective.

Key Takeaways


One of the most important aspects of training employees is ensuring employees have buy-in and accountability from their manager when undergoing new training.


One of the most effective training methods to ensure trainees retain skills is spaced repetition. This technique involves practicing what you've learned at timed intervals.


Cohort learning programs, where team members learn the same thing at the same time, encourage engagement, provide accountability, and help build a learning culture.

About Sharon Castillo

Photo of Sharon Castillo
Sharon Castillo

Sharon Castillo is the VP of Global Education at DataRobot, where she developed the DataRobot University, a self-service education portal that features both free and paid courses on AI and machine learning that are available to the public. With over 30 years of experience, Sharon is a leading expert in data training and employee upskilling programs, from development through execution.

Photo of Richie Cotton
Richie Cotton

Richie helps organizations get from a vague sense of "hey we ought to get better at using data" to having realistic plans to become successful data-driven organizations. He's been a data scientist since before it was called data science, and has written several books and created many DataCamp courses on the subject.


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