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5 Best Practices for Launching an Internal Data Science Bootcamp

Key Takeaways:
  • Why building an internal data science bootcamp can be a great way to accelerate data transformation within your organization
  • Best practices to adopt when launching internal instructor-led trainings for data skills
  • Ways to scale blended learning programs using instructor-led bootcamps
Wednesday April 17, 11 AM ET
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In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, upskilling and reskilling the broader organization on data & AI skills is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. While online courses are an excellent avenue for building data & AI skills, how can you accelerate learning and get your organization excited about skills transformation?

Enter the power of internal Data Science Bootcamps. These immersive, instructor-led programs are tailored to your organizational needs, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. In this session, Hannah Cuypers, Project Leader of Digitalization & IT at Porsche AG, unveils the keys to successfully launching such bootcamps. From building a foundational curriculum that resonates with your teams to best practices on the day of, this webinar offers actionable insights that will help kickstart your organization’s learning journey.

Presenter Bio

Hannah Cuypers Headshot
Hannah CuypersProject Leader Digitalization & IT @ Porsche AG

Hannah recently joined Porsche AG as a project leader, tasked with spearheading digitalization initiatives to transform the internal audit department. Prior to this role, she worked in key positions at Volkswagen AG and Seat SA, as an Internal IT Auditor and Special Investigator respectively. Her professional journey commenced at Deloitte Belgium, where she learned the ropes of Data Analytics in Risk Advisory.

Throughout her career, Hannah has been driven by a passion for leveraging new technologies, notably AI, to enhance operations. She has overseen numerous projects aimed at integrating technology into recurring and long processes and co-operating in departmental transformations through the implementation of analytics. Beyond her professional pursuits, Hannah finds fulfillment in travel and immersing herself in diverse cultures. Having lived and worked in three different countries, she has explored over 46 countries, blending business trips with leisure adventures. Among her favorite destinations, India holds a special place owing to its delicious cuisine and rich cultural tapestry.

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