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An Introduction to GPT & Whisper with the OpenAI API in Python

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how to use Python to access OpenAI's AI services.
  • Learn to use the Whisper AI to convert audio to text.
  • Learn how to programmatically generate text with the GPT AI.
Thursday September 14, 11AM ET
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Chatting with bots is suddenly commonplace. But while ChatGPT is a good starting point, to unlock the true power of large language models, you need to learn to chat with AI through code.

Much of the promise of AI is about not having to do tedious business tasks yourself, so this webinar shows you how to automate some business tasks. You'll use AI to transcribe audio from a meeting, and then summarize the discussion and generate action items.

Presenter Bio

Richie Cotton Headshot
Richie CottonData Evangelist at DataCamp

Richie helps individuals and organizations get better at using data and AI. He's been a data scientist since before it was called data science, and has written two books and created many DataCamp courses on the subject. He is a host of the DataFramed podcast, and runs DataCamp's webinar program.

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