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Analyzing Customer Churn in Power BI

Key Takeaways:
  • The application of Power BI in the telecommunications industry for analyzing customer churn
  • Participants will engage in creating measures and calculated columns in Power BI, essential tools for detailed data analysis.
  • An opportunity to understand how Power BI can be applied to a real-world dataset
Friday March 15, 11 AM ET
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This webinar delves into analyzing customer churn in the telecommunications sector using Power BI, offering guidance on utilizing Power BI for efficient churn analysis. Attendees will learn to employ Power BI tools to create interactive dashboards that provide essential insights. The focus will be identifying major churn drivers using DAX and appropriate visualizations. Participants will understand how to leverage Power BI to transform customer data into a valuable asset in the competitive telecom industry.

Presenter Bio

Iason Prassides Headshot
Iason PrassidesBusiness Intelligence Content Developer at DataCamp

Iason holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry from UCL and is now a Content Developer at DataCamp. Prior to working at DataCamp, Iason held a number of analytics roles within a range of industries across different countries. Having a passion for education, data, and storytelling, he has found a great place at DataCamp to develop engaging content for learning. As an avid sports fan, he has a keen interest in sports statistics.

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