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Data Modeling in SQL

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn about common database schemas like star and snowflake.
  • Learn how to organize your database to make life easier for data analysts.
  • Learn about data transformation techniques to fit your data into a schema.
Tuesday July 11, 11 AM ET
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Data modeling - how data is structured within your database - is an essential part of data engineering. Doing it right makes it easier for data analysts to understand the data they are working with, and helps you maintain data quality. In this live training, you'll learn about data cleaning, shaping and loading techniques and learn about common database schemas for organizing tables for analysis.

Presenter Bio

Andy Alseth Headshot
Andy AlsethData Engineer at Nuqleous

As a data engineer at Nuqleous, Andy is an expert in building data pipelines and data warehousing in retail. His work involves setting up ETL for customers, improving database reporting, and optimizing cloud spend.

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