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Data Storytelling for Your Data Portfolio

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how having a data portfolio can help your career.
  • Learn how to find good datasets for your data projects.
  • Learn how to convert analytics results into a data story.
Wednesday 27 March, 11 AM ET
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Creating a data portfolio lets you demonstrate your skills, which is crucial for getting hired for data roles. When creating a project for your portfolio, there are more steps than simply analyzing the data.

In this webinar, you'll learn about "the other parts" of creating a data portfolio: finding good datasets, and turning your analyses into a data story. The latter is one of the most widely sought after skills by data hiring managers, and is key to generating impact from your work in data.

Presenter Bio

Jeremy Singer-Vine Headshot
Jeremy Singer-VineDirector at The Data Liberation Project

Jeremy is a data editor, reporter, and computer programmer based in New York City. He runs the Data Liberation Project and publishes Data Is Plural, a weekly newsletter of useful/curious datasets. Previously, he served as the data editor for BuzzFeed News, and as an investigative data reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

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