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Deep Learning on Rails with PyTorch Lightning

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how to create and run a deep learning model.
  • Learn how to perform machine learning workflows in PyTorch Lightning.
  • See how Lightning Studio can be used for deep learning and AI development.
Tuesday April 9, 11 AM ET
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PyTorch is the most popular tool for creating deep learning models. It's very powerful, but you need to write a lot of code to make anything work. PyTorch Lightning lets you write simpler code to complete your tasks and be more productive. It's like "Ruby on Rails" for deep learning.

In this session, you'll learn how to create a simple deep learning model using PyTorch Lightning. You'll work through the steps of defining and training the model, making predictions, and evaluating model performance. You'll also see how the Lightning Studio platform can be used for deep learning and AI development.

Presenter Bio

Luca Antiga Headshot
Luca AntigaChief Technology Officer at Lightning AI

Luca Antiga is the CTO at Lightning AI. He is an early contributor to PyTorch core and co-authored “Deep Learning with PyTorch” (published by Manning). He started his journey as a researcher in Bioengineering, and later co-founded Orobix, a company focused on building and deploying AI in production settings.

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