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Full Stack Data Engineering with Python

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how data engineering and data analysis combine into a larger workflow.
  • Learn how to prepare and analyze time series data.
  • Learn how to work with HDF5 files.
Tuesday April 16, 11 AM ET
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The full data workflow often involves many stages, from importing and processing the data to make it suitable for analysis, followed by some number crunching, and then presenting your insights.

In this session, you'll see a full data workflow using some LIGO gravitational wave data (no physics knowledge required). You'll see how to work with HDF5 files, clean and analyze time series data, and visualize the results.

Presenter Bio

Blenda Guedes Headshot
Blenda GuedesSenior Data Scientist at CESAR

Blenda is a full-stack data practitioner, from modeling and building data warehouses through running machine learning models to building dashboards. She also teaches data analysis for WoMakersCode, and was previously a data engineer at Microsoft and a data scientist at CESAR.

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