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Getting Started with Data Pipelines for ETL

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn fundamental concepts of data pipelines and their applications.
  • Learn how to construct a simple data pipeline.
  • Learn techniques to make your data pipelines robust.
Tuesday February 06, 11AM ET
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Data pipelines power data movement within an organization. Learning to combine data extraction, transformation, and loading tasks into a single pipeline is a valuable skill for any data professional!

In this session, you'll learn fundamental concepts of data pipelines, like what they are and when to use them, then you'll get hands-on experience building a simple pipeline using Python.

Presenter Bio

Jake Roach Headshot
Jake RoachSenior AI Engineer at Hike2

Jake is a data engineer specializing in building resilient and scalable data infrastructure using Airflow, Databricks, and AWS. Jake is also the instructor for DataCamp's Introduction to Data Pipelines and Introduction to NoSQL course.

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