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Understanding Regulations for AI in the USA, the EU, and Around the World

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn which new AI regulations affect your business, depending on your industry and location.
  • Learn how to comply with the new regulations, and what the consequences for non-compliance are.
  • Learn about trends in AI regulations to anticipate future compliance changes.
Thursday May 16, 11:30AM ET
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AI is advancing rapidly, and regulators across the world are scrambling to understand and control the new technology. The first wave of legislation such as the EU AI Act is already coming into force, and any company that uses AI needs to understand their implications.

In this session, two experts on AI governance explain which AI policies you need to be aware of, how governments are treating AI regulation, and how you need to deal with them. You'll learn about the ethical and business risks associated with AI, the areas of business that will be affected by the new regulations, and techniques for compliance. The focus will be on AI governance in the USA and EU, and at the multilateral level.

Presenter Bio

Shalini Kurapati Headshot
Shalini KurapatiCo-Founder and CEO of Clearbox AI,

Shalini Kurapati is the Co-Founder and CEO of Clearbox AI, a synthetic data company for privacy preservation and data quality augmentation. Shalini has studied and researched the impact of technology on society and policy and specializes in transparency, privacy, and fairness issues across data life cycles and algorithms. She is a researcher, trainer, and speaker on these topics. Shalini is a Certified Informational Privacy Professional (Europe) covering data protection regulation in the EU, focusing on GDPR. In her free time, she likes to explore the Piedmontese (Italy) mountains, food, and culture.

Nick Reiners Headshot
Nick ReinersSenior Analyst at Eurasia Group

Nick specializes in the fast-moving technology policy environment of the EU and its member states, focusing on issues such as platform regulation, data flows, artificial intelligence, competition, and trade. Previously, Nick worked for the UK government, where he was responsible for the UK's policy on the free flow of data. He also worked as a diplomat at the UK Mission to the EU, representing the UK government in meetings of the Council of the EU, including in negotiations on the EU's landmark reforms to copyright rules, and took part in negotiations on a post-Brexit free trade agreement between the UK and the EU.

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