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Why High Leverage Analytics is a Cross-Functional Team Sport

Key Takeaways:
  • Your data is a product with stakeholders.
  • Include your stakeholders early in the process.
  • Make analytics a part of the product release cycle.
Friday December 8, 11 AM ET
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Building a high functioning product team that creates great user experiences depends on building a good data culture. In this session we’ll talk about the impact of reliable insights about your product releases, why good data cultures are born from cross-functional collaboration at the source of where the data is created, and what it takes to build a culture where getting valuable insights is effective and enjoyable for everyone involved, from the data professional to the product manager and product engineer.

Presenter Bio

Stefania Olafsdottir Headshot
Stefania OlafsdottirCo-founder & CEO at Avo

Stef runs Avo, a platform for data quality in product analytics. She is a mathematician and philosopher, turned genetics researcher, turned data scientist, turned founder. Stef has a decade of experience managing data and product teams, helping them improve their processes to ship results faster. Stef was previously the founding data person and became Head of Data Science and Growth Lead at QuizUp.

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