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A Chance to Speak on DataFramed!

Hugo Bowne-Anderson,
February 28, 2018 min read
We're having a give-away! Get to know more on how you can receive DataCamp swag and get the chance to interview Hugo Bowne-Anderson in one of DataFramed's podcast segments.

Hi DataCampers! We are having so much fun on the podcast we want to involve you even more. This is your chance to join me on the podcast and ask me questions!

To this end, we're having a give-away:

  • 5 lucky listeners will receive DataCamp swag; we've got sweatshirts, pens, stickers, you name it and
  • One of those 5 will be selected to interview me in one of our podcast segments!

What do you need to do?

Subscribe to DataFramed on iTunes here and on the Google play store here.

  • Write a review of DataFramed in the iTunes store
  • email [email protected] a screenshot of the review and the country in whose store you posted it (note: this email address is not regularly checked except for this give-away).
  • Do these things by EOD Friday March 9th in your time zone.

Check out more about our podcast here.

And check out our recent FB Live session here, in which I took take people through techniques that my podcast guests have professed to be their favourite data sciencey techniques.