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DataFramed is a podcast for data & analytics leaders looking to scale data science throughout their organization by equipping them with the insights to drive value from data science and create a data-driven culture. Each episode will feature a conversation with data science and analytics leaders who are transforming their organizations and are at the forefront of the data revolution. Whether you’re just getting started in your data career, or you’re a data leader looking to scale data driven decisions in your organization, you’ve found the right community.
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EP. 107
Data Science

The Deep Learning Revolution in Space Science

Justin Fletcher joins the show to talk about how the US Space Force is using deep learning with telescope data to monitor satellites, potentially lethal space debris, and identify and prevent catastrophic collisions. 

EP. 106

How CBRE is Increasing Data Literacy for Over 3,000 Employees

Listen to Emily Hayward, Data & Digital Change Manager, CBRE unpack how 3000 employees are upskilling in data literacy and more.

EP. 105

What Data Visualization Means for Data Literacy

Listen to Andy Cotgreave, Senior Data Evangelist, Tableau break down data visualization, storytelling, and the importance of data literacy. 

September 18, 2022 • 41 minutes
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EP. 104
Data Literacy

How the Data Community Can Accelerate Your Data Career

Listen to Kate Strachnyi, founder of DATAcated, on how to build a personal brand in data and accelerate data careers. 

September 11, 2022 • 35 minutes
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EP. 103

How Data Literacy Skills Help You Succeed

Jordan Morrow shares his insights on data literacy, why organizations need data literacy in order to use data properly and drive business impact, how to increase organizational data literacy, and more.

September 4, 2022 • 52 minutes
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EP. 78
Data Science

How Data & Culture Unlock Digital Transformation

February 7, 2022

36 minutes

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EP. 77
EP. 68