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DataFramed is a podcast for data & analytics leaders looking to scale data science throughout their organization by equipping them with the insights to drive value from data science and create a data-driven culture. Each episode will feature a conversation with data science and analytics leaders who are transforming their organizations and are at the forefront of the data revolution. Whether you’re just getting started in your data career, or you’re a data leader looking to scale data driven decisions in your organization, you’ve found the right community.
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EP. 84

Building High-Impact Data Teams at Capital One

Dan Kellet, Chief Data Officer at Capital One UK, joins us to discuss how he scaled Capital One’s data team.

EP. 83

Empowering the Modern Data Analyst

Peter Fishman, Co-Founder & CEO of Mozart Data, breaks down what makes a data-driven organization, how the modern data stack empowers data analysts today, and more.

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EP. 55
Data Science

Getting Your First Data Science Job

March 4, 2019

69 minutes

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