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Solving a Job Interview Case Study with Power BI

Learn to solve an interview case study in Power BI using customer churn dataset.
Jul 2022
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In this Power BI live training, you’ll learn how to solve an interview case study in Power BI using a customer churn dataset and uncover insights for a fictional company.

You’ll explore the data and through the use of DAX, you'll create new measures and columns that will assist you in your analysis work. You’ll then use your data model to build insightful visualizations of your findings. Finally, you’ll bring it all together using everything Power BI has to offer to create a dashboard-style report.

Key takeaways:

  • Apply EDA and best practices on how to analyze a new dataset from scratch

  • Utilize DAX to create standard KPIs for monitoring trend analysis

  • Learn to build a dashboard to create an interactive experience for the end-users



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