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Prompt Engineering with GPT & LangChain

Learn prompt engineering best practices while using ChatGPT to analyze the sentiment of financial news headlines and Reddit comments.
Oct 2023
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The quality of responses from GPT or other large language models is highly dependent on the quality of messages you send it.In this code-along, you'll learn how to perform sentiment analysis with GPT and LangChain, learn about MRKL prompts used to help LLMs reason, and build a simple AI agent. You'll also learn how to use prompt templates and parse the output from prompts, as well as filter bad unsavory content with the moderation API.



An Introduction to Prompt Engineering with LangChain

Discover the power of prompt engineering in LangChain, an essential technique for eliciting precise and relevant responses from AI models.
Moez Ali's photo

Moez Ali

11 min


A Beginner's Guide to ChatGPT Prompt Engineering

Discover how to get ChatGPT to give you the outputs you want by giving it the inputs it needs.
Matt Crabtree's photo

Matt Crabtree

6 min


A Beginner's Guide to Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT

Explore the power of prompt engineering with ChatGPT.
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Adel Nehme


Optimizing GPT Prompts for Data Science

This training will aid you in optimizing your personal usage of ChatGPT and when developing powered GPT applications.
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Andrea Valenzuela


ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Beginners

In this webinar, you'll get ideas for incorporating ChatGPT into your workflows and learning the basics of writing good prompts.
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Adel Nehme


Advanced ChatGPT Prompt Engineering

In this session, you'll learn advanced prompting skills such as using prompt templates, testing the quality of your prompts, and working with images in prompts.
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Isabella Bedoya

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