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How to Pass the Power BI PL-300 Certification

Key Takeaways:
  • Understand the structure and key topics of the Power BI PL-300 certification exam.
  • Learn practical applications of Power BI principles that will be tested in the exam.
  • An overview of DataCamp’s Power BI curriculum and how it’s designed to help you pass the PL-300 certification.
Wednesday June 7, 11 AM ET
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In today's data-driven environment, proficiency in data visualization and analysis tools such as Power BI is a crucial asset. Gaining a PL-300 certification not only validates your Power BI expertise but also sets you apart in the increasingly competitive field of data science.

This webinar is designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to pass the Power BI PL-300 certification exam. We'll dive deep into key exam topics, explore practical scenarios, and discuss effective study techniques. Moreover, we’ll highlight how DataCamp’s Power BI curriculum is designed to help you pass the PL-300 certification, and how to gain access to a 50% discount on the certification.

Presenter Bio

Angie Rudduck Headshot
Angie RudduckWWL Senior Content Developer for Data & AI, Microsoft

Angie Rudduck is a senior technical content developer at Microsoft with over a decade of experience specializing in SQL Server and Power BI. Her background as a technical consultant and instructor brings perspective and expertise to her role, developing comprehensive and well-prepared materials for a range of role-based certifications. Notably, she maintains certifications such as PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst and DP-500: Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate.

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