Simplify access to data and AI learning with DataCamp Unlimited

  • Data and AI training for all employees and stakeholders
  • Unlimited access without restrictions on seat counts
  • One fixed price covering as many learners as needed
  • Improve retention, engagement, and adoption
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Unlimited access to data education

With DataCamp Unlimited, you gain organization-wide access to our best-in-class data education platform. This means unrestricted access to our entire course catalog, as well as assessments, projects, and certifications, enabling your professionals to implement what they learn. You can also manage upskilling across your organization by building custom tracks and measuring outcomes with customizable reporting.

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More value for your learning budget

While seat-based plans are traditional in this space, they often limit learning to specific people or teams and increase the administrative burden for your business. Unlimited pricing is simple and transparent - one fixed price point covers your entire organization, reducing the cost per seat. No hidden fees, no usage restrictions, no friction.


Empower your business with data fluency

Data skills are essential. By 2025, 70% of employees are expected to work with data, but only 1 in 4 are confident with their current skills. DataCamp Unlimited is not just for experts or those already in data-related roles. It's an opportunity to upskill your entire organization, regardless of their level of expertise, to make data-driven decisions, become digitally ready, and ask effective data questions.

Foster a culture of continuous learning

Companies using DataCamp achieve course completion rates 6x higher than traditional online course providers. With our Unlimited plan, this number increases, as do retention rates. Providing equal access for all to learning and upskilling keeps your teams engaged and helps them reach their goals.

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Enterprise-level reporting and support

DataCamp Unlimited comes with enterprise-level backing to guide your team’s learning, monitor adoption and engagement, and report on overall progress to prove your ROI. You’ll receive expert support and resources to onboard and upskill your entire team with ease, including a dedicated customer success manager, a learning architect helping tailor your onboarding program, custom learning paths, and access to our full range of enterprise features.

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Can any business use the DataCamp Unlimited plan?

The Unlimited plan is suitable for any enterprise business, from 100 employees to 100 thousand. Our pricing structure scales accordingly, and our sales team can advise further.

Does DataCamp Unlimited help with data literacy or data skills?

Data skills are part of data literacy. It’s helpful to think about a scale of fluency; DataCamp Unlimited can help everyone in your organization progress, no matter their current level of data skills or eventual aims. We also offer a specific data literacy package, which covers a full spectrum of skills needed to succeed in the current data-first world.

How long does the DataCamp Unlimited plan last?

The Unlimited plan is a 12-month subscription to all our enterprise features and the entire course library. Bespoke multi-year options are also available on request.

What are the benefits of the Unlimited plan?

Unlimited comes with a fixed price, offering predictable yearly costs and no hidden fees. Unlike seat-based models, it has no usage restrictions or seat limitations, so there’s no friction or administrative burden involved. 

Does the Unlimited plan include Workspace and Recruit?

No, this is for Learn products only. Other plans are sold separately, and you can read more about Workspace and Recruit on their respective pages.