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A Beginner's Guide to Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT

Explore the power of prompt engineering with ChatGPT.
Apr 2023
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The field of artificial intelligence has been transformed by generative AI, with large language models and tools such as ChatGPT taking the world by storm. These tools unlock massive efficiencies in workflows across a variety of domains. In this live stream, we explore the power of prompt engineering with ChatGPT and how it can be used to enhance these workflows.

Throughout the webinar, Adel Nehme, Head of Media & Product Marketing at DataCamp and co-host of the DataFramed podcast, covers the importance of constructing clear and concise prompts that are tailored to meet specific workflows. Moreover, he shares best practices for maximizing the output of ChatGPT, alongside use-cases and case studies of how ChatGPT can be leveraged in marketing (e.g., by co-writing this webinar’s landing page!), sales, data, and other functional workflows.

What will I learn?

  • A brief overview of generative AI, and how large language models are ushering in a new generation of tools and workflows

  • Best practices for maximizing the output of ChatGPT with effective prompt engineering

  • Examples of useful prompts for marketing, sales, data, and other functional workflows

Additional Resources

Link to Slides and Prompts

Note: To participate in this code-along, you will need a premium ChatGPT account. Get started here.


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