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Getting Started with the OpenAI API and ChatGPT

ChatGPTX and AI have taken the (data) world by storm. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a conversational model built on top of the GPT-3 family of large language models. Luckily, the GPT-3 API is accessible for anyone to interact with and build cutting-edge AI tools.

In this live training, join Data Evangelist Richie Cotton, as he provides an introduction to the OpenAI API and the GPT-3 model. In the live training, Richie will walk you through how to gain access to the OpenAI API, the state of large language models today and how they’re being used in production, how to perform a myriad of language generation tasks using the cutting edge DaVinci model, how to perform coding tasks using the Codex model, and more.

What will I learn?

  • An overview of large language models today and how to get started with the OpenAI API

  • How to perform language and coding generation tasks using the OpenAI API

  • How GPT-3 and large language models are powering the next generation of applications

Links from the session

Challenge and Solution Workspace

[CHEAT SHEET] ChatGPT for Data Science

[TUTORIAL] A Beginner's Guide to GPT-3

[TUTORIAL] A Guide to Using ChatGPT For Data Science Projects

[PODCAST EPISODE] ChatGPT and How Generative AI is Augmenting Workflows

[EBOOK] OpenAI's cookbook

[UPCOMING WEBINAR] A Beginner's Guide to Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT

Richie Cotton Headshot
Richie Cotton

Data Evangelist

Webinar & podcast host, course and book author, spends all day chit-chatting about data

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