Episode 11

Data Science at BuzzFeed and the Digital Media Landscape (with Adam Kelleher)

February 26th, 2018

How does data science help Buzzfeed achieve online virality? What type of mass online experiments do data scientists at BuzzFeed run for this purpose? What products do they develop to make all of this easy and intuitive for content producers? 

About Adam Kelleher

Adam started working at BuzzFeed in 2014 on the POUND project, where we studied user-to-user sharing behavior and virality. He realized that many data science questions are actually causal questions, but it was common to use correlative answers. He started blogging about causal inference, and writing open-source tools in Python to make it easier for data scientists at all levels. He's now working on machine learning tools at BuzzFeed, and teaching causal inference at Columbia in the Data Science MS program.