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Analyzing Euro 2024 Soccer Data in SQL

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn to perform exploratory data analysis in SQL.
  • Learn to create dashboards from SQL queries with Metabase.
  • Get some insights into how data can be applied to the game of soccer.
Tuesday, July 09, 11AM ET
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With Euro 2024 in full swing, it's time to analyze some soccer data. (Or football data, if that's your preferred terminology!). SQL is arguably the lingua franca of data and one of the most widely used tools in data analysis. 

In this session, Thomas, an analytics engineer at Metabase, takes you through a complete data analysis project. First, you'll perform exploratory data analysis with SQL in DataLab. Then, you'll use Metabase to create a dashboard from the results to tell a story about Euro 2024.

Presenter Bio

Thomas Schmidt Headshot
Thomas SchmidtAnalytics Engineer at Metabase

Thomas is a full-stack data scientist with experience across analytics engineering, modeling, and data storytelling. He is the creator of SQL Mock, a framework for unit testing SQL data models. Previously, he was a Senior Data Scientist at Shopify and a Lead Data Scientist at Agrando.

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