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Azure Fundamentals Certification

Kickstart your cloud journey with the Azure Fundamentals Certification. Prepare for the Microsoft AZ-900 exam with DataCamp’s expertly crafted track. Through DataCamp’s partnership with Microsoft, you will also get 50% off the exam fee!

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Unlock your cloud potential with Azure

The AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification is your first step towards mastering cloud computing. Endorsed by Microsoft, this certification validates your understanding of core cloud concepts and Azure's architectural components, including computing, networking, storage, and security.

  • Prepare for the official Microsoft Certification
  • Cover key Azure architecture components
  • No coding required, perfect for beginners
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Exclusive Microsoft exam discount

As a DataCamp learner, you’ll receive an exclusive 50% discount on your Azure Fundamentals Certification exam, making your certification journey more accessible and affordable.

Why prepare with DataCamp?

In partnership with Microsoft, DataCamp's Azure Fundamentals Track is tailored to align with the official exam content. Dive deep into essential topics such as containers, virtual machines, role-based access control, and pricing calculators.

  • Hands-on practice with Azure
  • Courses developed in collaboration with Microsoft
  • Mapped directly to exam objectives
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Our Process

How it works

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Learn with us

Embark on a series of curated courses developed in collaboration with Microsoft. Covering everything from cloud concepts to Azure's core services, this track offers a comprehensive preparation for the AZ-900 exam.

Leverage DataCamp’s hands-on learning environment to apply what you've learned directly in Azure. Experiment with virtual machines, containers, and more to solidify your understanding and skills.


Get 50% off

As a DataCamp learner, you're eligible for an exclusive discount on the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) exam. Details on how to claim your discount are available on your course completion page.

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Ace the exam

Take the exam, putting your knowledge and skills to the test. Upon passing, you'll receive the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification, a testament to your newfound cloud expertise. This certification not only validates your skills but also opens the door to numerous opportunities in the cloud computing domain.

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Showcase your achievement

Share your achievement with your network and potential employers. Add your Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification to your DataCamp Portfolio, resume, and LinkedIn profile to highlight your skills.

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What is Azure?

Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud platform. It has an extensive collection of IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS services. It offers more than 200 products and services related to storage, computing, and networking. Many digital products like websites, hotel reservation systems, video games, and more run on Azure.

Who uses Azure?

The typical persona using Azure is a technical persona such as cloud architects, system administrators, software developers and AI & ML engineers. Th Azure UI however enables anyone to start using Azure, without any coding knowledge required.

How much does the Azure certification cost?

The exam to become Azure Fundamentals Certified is called the AZ-900 exam. It costs $99, but after completing the DataCamp Azure Fundamentals track you get a 50% discount code to complete the exam.

Do I need to know how to code to become Azure fundamentals certified?

No, you don’t. The Azure Fundamentals track is aimed at anyone interested in the cloud. There is no coding knowledge required to complete this track.

Does DataCamp provide materials to prepare for Certification?

Yes. The Azure Fundamentals track has been created in collaboration with Microsoft and prepares you to pass the certification. Once you’ve prepared for the exam on DataCamp, you can register for the exam on the official Microsoft website here.

How long is the Azure fundamentals certification valid for?

Microsoft fundamentals do not expire! The associate and expert Microsoft certifications are valid for 1 year, but the fundamentals certifications, like Azure fundamentals, last a lifetime!

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