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AI Fundamentals Certification

Ideal for anyone who needs to show they have a grasp of the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI). From machine learning to generative AI, demonstrate when different approaches should be used and ethical considerations you need to account for.

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Embark on your certification journey today! Once you start the exam, you'll have up to one hour to complete the timed exam. You can attempt the exam once every 30 days.

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Put your skills to the test with a single 30 question exam. You will have up to one hour to complete the exam. Not quite ready? You can try the exam once every 30 days and with DataCamp's comprehensive learning platform, we can help you prepare and achieve your goal. 

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What is AI?

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the ability of computer systems to perform complex tasks that may historically have been limited to humans. From predicting sales to recommending products or even, more recently, interacting in a human like way through chat systems.

Why is AI important?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already a part of all of our lives and recent advances have made AI more accessible for individuals and businesses. It is now easier than ever for an organization to develop systems to predict future behavior or interact with customers. This means that it is vital to have a good understanding of what AI is capable of and the ethics surrounding the use of AI.

How much do DataCamp Certifications cost?

DataCamp Certification is included with your premium subscription, so there are no additional costs. When you subscribe you will have access to all of the learning materials to prepare for your certification, practice assessments and exams and the certification itself.

Does DataCamp provide materials to prepare for Certification?

Yes! As part of your subscription, you will have access to our content library that includes hundreds of hours of courses, practice and projects. You won’t need to complete it all though. We have curated a series of Career tracks that will guide you through building the core skills you will need for certification. Once you feel ready, we also provide a range of resources to help you prepare for the exams themselves, giving you a chance to experience the process before you start.

When do I have to take the exams?

For DataCamp Certifications you can take the exams whenever you want. Just like the rest of the DataCamp platform, we have designed the certification process so that you can fit it into your schedule. For some of our exams, once you start you will have a set number of hours to complete, and you will have 30 days overall to complete all of the requirements. But otherwise, the process is designed so that everyone has the opportunity to get certified.

How long are DataCamp Certifications valid for?

Our Fundamentals Certifications do not expire. As they are designed to show proficiency of fundamental knowledge that is unlikely to change over time.

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