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Building a Data Strategy: Key Steps for Aligning Data with Business Goals

Key Takeaways:
  • The importance of aligning a data strategy to the organization’s business objectives
  • Pitfalls and best practices when designing a data strategy
  • A framework for assessing data maturity, and define a roadmap of quick wins to scale data maturity 
Thursday 27 April, 11am ET
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In today's digital world, succeeding with data has become critical for the success of organizations. However, a common pitfall when creating and executing a data strategy, is not aligning it with the overall organization’s business goals.

In this webinar, Libba Stanford, a Data Strategy Consultant at The K2G Group, will cover how to understand business objectives, assess data maturity, and define a data strategy that is aligned with the organization’s overall objectives. She’ll also uncover common pitfalls when moving from strategy to execution, and how leaders can gain quick wins as part of their data strategy. 

Presenter Bio

Libba Stanford Headshot
Libba StanfordData Strategy Consultant at The K2G Group

Libba is a data strategy and operations Leader with over 20 years of experience in leading change, designing data processes, and helping companies increase returns on data investments.

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